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A. Turkish Cypriot Press

1.Lillie: “Federation is the UK’s plan A on the Cyprus problem and there is no plan B”

2. Columnist argues that Turkey might solve the Cyprus problem in return of natural gas

3. The economic crisis affects negatively haloumi exports; Halloumi is produced in Turkey under the name “fried cheese”

4. The occupation regime to open a third traffic lane at Agios Dometios crossing point

5. The lawsuit of Afrika against Erdogan is starting today

6. Livestock breeders reach deal with the so-called government

B. Turkish Press

1. Erdogan: The only solution is to transfer the Eastern Mediterranean natural gas to Europe through Turkey

2. Turkish economy grew 5.2% in the second quarter of the year

3. Turkey calls on Greece to 'reconsider' bill on Muftis


A. Turkish Cypriot Press

1.Lillie: “Federation is the UK’s plan A on the Cyprus problem and there is no plan B”

Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris newspaper (11.09.18) reports that the British High Commissioner to the Republic of Cyprus Stephen Lillie has stated that the UK’s plan A on the solution of the Cyprus problem is federation and that a “plan B” is absolutely unthinkable for them.

Replying to questions of journalists during a meeting with them, Lillie who assumed duties in Cyprus four months ago stated that he spends most of his time learning about Cyprus’ culture, underlining that the Cyprus ties with the UK are very strong.

 Referring to the hydrocarbon exploration activities of the Republic of Cyprus, described by the paper as “unilateral”, Lillie said the following: “We respect the exploration activities of Cyprus. The sharing of the natural resources passes through the solution of the Cyprus problem”.

Describing the quarantorship issue as “a very important issue” for the two communities in Cyprus, the British High Commissioner pointed out that each community realizes that it has its own thoughts and positions and it views the security issue differently.



2. Columnist argues that Turkey might solve the Cyprus problem in return of natural gas 

Writing in Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris Postasi (11.09.18) columnist Sehat Incirli notes that the Turkish Cypriots have committed the biggest mistake in the property issue when they distributed “title deeds” for the occupied Greek Cypriot properties. Under the title “The solution is imperative”, Incirli recalls those who had warned that “title deeds” should not have been given for the occupied Greek Cypriot properties were silenced and were declared as “traitors”. He goes on and says, inter alia, the following:

“[…] It was one thing to give the use of properties which belong to Greek Cypriots to some persons until a solution was found and another thing to give title deeds for these properties and allow their sale and purchase.

Every Greek Cypriot property in the TRNC is a ‘speculative’ property. Will you say that Serhat Incirli betrays the country again? Then I say, go and ask the banks in Turkey!

Everyone who stays in properties, houses, lands which belong to Greek Cypriots, [and] who uses these [properties] is temporary! Very well, will the Greek Cypriots come and take their properties? One day definitely, if there is no solution, if the properties do not change hands through decisions taken by judicial organs, ‘yes’ they will come and take them.

Do you say that there will be bloodshed? So be it! Very well, if Turkey says to you that ‘you should give them’, what will you do? Turkey will not say this?

I think that if Turkey takes two good military bases and the tender of carrying to Europe the three trillion-dollar-natural gas, to which reference has been made by Erdogan and Berat Albayrak, it can say everything. Can you think about it? […]

We have continuously played with the non-solution! Distributing title deeds was also playing with the non-solution. ‘They can never take them away from us’, we said. And even worse. Even the most distinguished columnists in Turkey know that the northern part of Cyprus has been ‘taken back’, that is, it has been ‘retaken’. All nationalist politicians also think this. Devlet Bahceli is certain about this. The members of the CHP do not know something different. What the people of Anatolia should do?

However, reality is not like this. Yes, it is saddening, but the reality is not as it is thought to be. And among the ‘possible developments’ of the forthcoming period is both the madness of ‘war’ and the sharing of the natural gas. And I repeat, if Turkey takes what it demands from the natural gas, if the carrying of this gas to Europe is realized through Turkey, the solution of the Cyprus problem will not end like it is said in the fake story in which they have made us believe as national cause. This is the essence of the issue. […]

The regime, which was established in the northern geography of Cyprus after 1974 under the protection of the Turkish Armed Forces, is illegal. To those who say that it is not, I recall the football match held the day before yesterday between Turkey and the Republic of Cyprus. It was a national match. It was played at the Recep Tayyip Erdogan stadium and Turkey won 4-0.

We have administered everything with a lie. We have silenced those who said the opposite. How easy it was to declare them as traitors of the country.  […]

What about now? Actually the same lies, attacks against the same people continue. Moreover, now they are even more dangerous. Because anyone can write whatever they wish in the virtual world. Some who declare themselves as mafia exist now in the market. They establish sites which can write anything for whomever they wish. […]

For so many years, everyone kept quiet and watched. Now we are playing the last minutes. Nationalism and looting ended. Either we will quietly find a federal solution or we may remain unsupported at any moment.  The natural gas, the relations with the EU, the relations with Russia will lead Turkey to such a position that within five minutes we will ‘change hands’. I will write it more clearly. If they say ‘take the natural gas and deliver it, but solve the Cyprus problem’, I am asking my nationalist brothers: What will you do? Will you lie down in front of the Turkish tanks? Or will you go up on the mountains? If any mountains remain!”



3. The economic crisis affects negatively haloumi exports; Halloumi is produced in Turkey under the name “fried cheese”

Turkish Cypriot daily Afrika newspaper (11.09.18) reports that the price of dairies was negatively affected due to the falling of the Turkish Lira against the foreign currencies and notes that the exports of halloumi to Turkey suffered greatly.

Commenting on the issue, the chairman of the “Turkish Cypriot Dairy Productions Union”  Mustafa Baslar  said in a written statement that halloumi exports to Turkey will soon become “ a Midsummer Night's Dream”

As he said, half of the dairy exports from the occupied area of Cyprus were to Turkey and the rest to Middle Eastern countries. He also said that two months ago the exports of kasseri cheese (a pale yellow cheese made of sheep's milk) were stopped   and now halloumi exports have stopped as well. “Moreover, in Turkey halloumi cheese is produced under the name ‘fried cheese’. We must not forget our interests and start eating as fried cheese the halloumi that is produced in motherland […] we cannot do what the government should have done”, he stated.



4. The occupation regime to open a third traffic lane at Agios Dometios crossing point

Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris newspaper (11.09.18) reports that so-called minister of transportation and communication Tolga Atakan in statements yesterday via his Twitter account, announced that the works for the construction of a third traffic lane at Agios Dometios crossing point is expected to be completed by the end of this week.

Atakan said that if the works continue as scheduled, there will be a third lane for the vehicles which want to cross over to the “TRNC”. He also said that they will carry out works in order to avoid a traffic bottleneck during the car insurance procedures.



5. The lawsuit of Afrika against Erdogan is starting today

Under the title: “The lawsuit of Tayyip”, Turkish Cypriot daily Afrika reports that “the case that the paper opened against Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan is starting with a hearing today”.

Afrika is accusing the Turkish President as instigator of the attacks against it on January 22 of this year. Afrika writes that a “judge” of the “(occupied) Nicosia local court” will decide whather he will convey to Erdogan the lawsuit papers as it is required by the paper.



6. Livestock breeders reach deal with the so-called government

Illegal Bayrak (11.09.18 ) broadcast that the “Cyprus Turkish Livestock Breeders and Producers” have reached an agreement with the “government” over the price of animal feed, raw milk and subsidies, bringing to an end 6 days of protests they were staging in the occupied part of Lefkosia.

The agreement was announced following a four hour meeting between “prime minister Tufan Erhurman, finance minister Serdar Denktas, the minister of national education and culture Cemal Özyiğit and the minister of agriculture and natural resources Erkut Sahali”.

According to the agreement, the price of raw milk has been lowered and permission will be “granted” to import mixed animal feed.

A 1 Turkish Lira per Litre subsidy will also be paid to milk producers in line with the agreement reached.

Speaking to reporters last night, Sahali said that the aim of the talks carried out with the livestock farmers was to minimize the impact of the crisis on the “public” as much as possible.

He said that the agreement reached should not be perceived as a victory or defeat of any of the sides involved.

“Denktas said that “the government’s concern had been to ensure that the arrangement reached will not have an impact on consumer prices”.

Denktas said that the relationship between the livestock breeder and the consumer will be arranged differently by the “government”.

Ozyigit said that “it was pleasing to see from the country’s democracy point of view that common sense prevailed following intense negotiations”.

Speaking last, the president of the “Livestock Breeders and Producers Union” Mustafa Naimoglulları reminded that the livestock farmers had been staging protests for the past 6 days.

He expressed the hope that the “government” will be more sensitive towards the livestock sector in the period ahead.

Naimoglulları said that they were pleased to have reached an agreement on the issue of importing animal feed as it was the price hikes on feed as a result of the fall of the Turkish Lira against foreign currencies that had affected them the most.


B. Turkish Press

1. Erdogan: The only solution is to transfer the Eastern Mediterranean natural gas to Europe through Turkey

According to Turkish private TV channel CNNTürk (10.09.18,, asked to comment on the natural gas reserves in the Eastern Mediterranean during his flight from Teheran, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan argued: “Natural gas reserves with a total value of 2-3 trillion dollars have been mentioned. The only remedy (solution) here is the possibility of transferring natural gas to Turkey through Cyprus and from Turkey to be transferred to Europe”.

On the same issue, Turkish daily Milliyet newspaper ( reports that during his return flight from Iran, Erdogan was also asked to compare the incidents in Syria with USA’s role of dominating the region, Russia’s calculations to remain in the region with the newly founded natural gas reserves in the Eastern Mediterranean, Erdogan claimed: “Of course, everyone is talking about natural gas deposits. We also say something. I mean, the amount of gas reserves, which is here, is this, is that. Since they have made so many moves, the natural gas is probably abundant… it seems a bit abundant. The US is playing games in this place. Israel and France are playing also games. Of course, we are also doing our own evaluations. At this moment, there is also the question of the military exercise of Russia here… You know that Russia has 5 bases on the west side of Syria. In addition to this, there are also the (Russia’s) ships which sailed to the Mediterranean. The military exercise that they will carry out with China is also huge”.

Then, the Turkish Minister of Defence Hulusi Akar noted that it is said that the possibility of transferring the Eastern Mediterranean natural gas through the sea to Greece and from there to Europe is difficult. He added that (former Minister of Energy and now Minister of Economy) Berat Albayrak knows this very well. Akar claimed: “The only solution here is the possibility to transfer the natural gas to Turkey through Cyprus and from there to Europe. The natural gas of the Eastern Mediterranean will make Turkey more important… It is said about a 2-3 trillion dollars reserve. Of course, when they intent to make such an investment, they may also prefer to transfer the natural gas to Greece via submarine pipelines whatever the cost is. It is something they know… Or they can carry it through tankers. For instance, during our first discussions with Israel, Israel was thinking to make an opening to Europe through Turkey… The stance of USA, France and Israel as well as the cost will be determinant.

Later, Albayrak argued that the cost of the infrastructure investment in order to transfer the natural gas through submarine pipelines will be at least 4-5 times more than the cost through Turkey. Recovering the cost of the initial investment will take 40-50 years. For this reason, it is not feasible. Will they do it at their own expense? Shareholders of any company accessible to the public do not look at this positively. I have always said this”. He added that it is a matter of Turkey to act in some way. Albayrak reiterated that Turkey will conduct its first drilling in the Mediterranean within 1-2 months and later they will carry out a second one.



2. Turkish economy grew 5.2% in the second quarter of the year

Turkish daily Hurriyet Daily News (10.08.18- reported that the Turkish economy grew by 5.2% in the second quarter of this year compared with the same period last year, the Turkey’s statistical authority announced on Sept. 10.

The Turkish Lira firmed to 6.47 against the dollar after the data from around 6.4850 beforehand.

Second quarter gross domestic product (GDP) expanded a seasonally and calendar adjusted 0.9 % from the previous quarter, data from the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) showed.

The highest contribution to the growth again came from domestic consumption - mainly private - in the second quarter, according to calculations.

The TÜİK report showed private consumption, which is estimated to make up nearly two-thirds of the economy, grew 6.3% on an annual basis during the second quarter of the year, slowing from a revised 9.3% in the first quarter. The contribution of this item to the GDP was 3.8 points, according to calculations.

On the other hand, government spending on consumption rose 7.% from a revised 4.9% in the previous quarter. Its share rose to 1 point from 0.7 points in the first quarter.

Gross fixed capital formation rose 3.9%, while the share of this item regressed to 1.2 points in the second quarter from 2.3 points in the first quarter, according to calculations.

With a 4.5% increase in exports, the share of exports to growth rose to 0.96 percent.

In statements on the issue, Treasury and Finance Minister Berat Albayrak said that growth in the second quarter was kept being driven by domestic consumption despite a moderate slowdown in consumption and investments.

“In addition to this, we have seen that strong export and tourism performances enabled net foreign demand to have made a positive contribution to the growth,” he said, adding that “this outcome has shown that Turkey’s economy has entered a rebalancing period in line with the government’s targets.”

He noted that initial indicators showed that the slowdown in domestic demand has been intensified.

“We expect a higher positive contribution by net foreign demand to the growth thanks to robust export and tourism revenue and a decrease in demand for imports,” Albayrak added.



3. Turkey calls on Greece to 'reconsider' bill on Muftis

Turkish daily Yeni Safak (11.09.18 ) reports that Turkey expressed concern over a draft bill in Greece attempting to remove the autonomous status of the office of Muftis, which was assigned by international agreements.

"Our kin in Western Thrace are concerned over the draft bill, aiming to lift the autonomous status of the office of the Muftis that was assigned by international agreements. We expect this amendment regarding the office of the Muftis, which serves the religious needs of minorities, to be reconsidered in line with the feedback and requests of minorities," Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy said.

Aksoy added that Turkey also shares the same concerns of the Turkish minorities in Greece Western Thrace and urged Greek authorities to end its stance which "disregards elected Muftis".






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