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Turkish Cypriot and Turkish Media Review, 05.10.18




No. 192/18                                                                                                


A. Turkish Cypriot Press

1. Erdogan argues that the international community always expects Turkey to do something on the Cyprus problem

2. Cavusoglu: “We are talking to everyone, including the Greek Cypriots”

3. Akinci: “Attention should be paid so that the Turkish Cypriot side not to be sidelined”

4. The “foreign ministry” of the breakaway regime reacts on Cyprus government’s call to oil companies to bid on block 7

5. Ozersay: There is not a magical wand as regards the solution of the Cyprus problem

6. Statements on Ozersay’s proposal for removal of the UN camp in the occupied Famagusta

7. Erhurman announces that the occupation regime will implement winter time as of the end of October

B. Turkish Press

1.Turkey’s MFA warns the Republic of Cyprus on its oil exploration activities in the Eastern Mediterranean

2. Erdogan suggests referendum on Turkey's EU accession process

3. Cavusoglu urges for a “balanced political solution” in Syria



A. Turkish Cypriot Press

1. Erdogan argues that the international community always expects Turkey to do something on the Cyprus problem

According to illegal Bayrak television (05.10.18,, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan,  speaking at the closing session of the TRT World Forum in Istanbul  yesterday, claimed  that the failure to reach a settlement in Cyprus had led to a loss of reputation for the United Nations.

Reffering to the Cyprus issue, Erdogan argued that the UN, which had been formed to establish justice in the world, had failed to achieve its goal and added that Cyprus was an example of this. He further argued: “1974 to 2018. Has the Cyprus issue been solved? No it hasn’t. So many initiatives have been taken. We in particular have taken very determined steps on this issue with consultations with the UN”.

He noted that “the Greek Cypriot side although having said ‘no’ to a settlement plan in the 2004 referendum and despite the promises made to the Turkish Cypriots, the Greek Cypriot side had been accepted as a member of the European Union”.

Claiming that these were wrongful moves, Erdogan argued that this had led to a serious loss of reputation for the United Nations.

Referring to the deadlock on the Cyprus issue, Erdogan said that at the time former US President Bush had instructed his Secretary of State Colin Powell to solve the Cyprus problem and added: “The instructions were given but no result was achieved. His predecessors were also unsuccessful”.

Noting that many meetings and summits had been held but the international community always expected Turkey to do something, Erdogan claimed: “You cannot reach a solution in this way. We see the same thing on other issues as well”.


2. Cavusoglu: “We are talking to everyone, including the Greek Cypriots”

Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris Postasi newspaper (05.10.18) reports that Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, referring to the Cyprus problem, argued: “The solution was frozen there. We did our best last year but it did not happen in Geneva”.

Speaking at the TRT World Forum, Cavusoglu further claimed: “Now we talk to everyone, we talk to all players, unofficially to the Greek Cypriots too. We are trying to understand what will be negotiated after and of course what will be the framework of the negotiations. We don’t have the luxury to have one more failure. For this reason, Turkey does its best”.



3. Akinci: “Attention should be paid so that the Turkish Cypriot side not to be sidelined”

According to illegal Bayrak television (05.10.18- ) reports that Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci, commenting on Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu’s statement who has said “we talk to everyone, including the Greek Cypriots”, stated that Cavusoglu made the above statement on account of the fact that he is interlocutor on several issues.

In his statement, Akinci pointed out that it is necessary and right for the guarantor countries in the island to carry out a meeting between them and together with the other related parties, supporting that instead of a quarrel, it is rather helpful to establish dialogue. “In this context, Mr Cavusoglu informed us about their intention to establish contacts with the Greek Cypriot side. I do not think that an unofficial meeting in the framework of investigating the intentions of the sides would be inconvenient. However, there are two points here worthy of notice. The first one is the possibility of the talks becoming frequent, something that would path the way for creating the perception that the Turkish Cypriot side has been sidelined from the process ”, Akinci alleged.

He said that the perception that the Greek Cypriots have succeeded in achieving their goal of negotiating directly with Turkey, which has been their desire for years, would only do serious damage to the process and settlement efforts.  “It should never be forgotten that there are two equal sides in Cyprus, one of which is the Turkish Cypriot people and its democratic leadership. The Turkish Cypriot side should not be seen as an insignificant detail and no opportunity should be given for the Turkish Cypriots to be seen in this way”, he said.

If Turkey will meet with the Greek Cypriot side and if there is frequency in such meetings then Greece must show a similar behavior, Akinci stated: “The Greece administrators should also be able to negotiate with the Turkish Cypriot side. While continuing the negotiations with Turkish President Erdogan, […] we arrive at a consensus that we could come together as a quartet. However, the Greek Cypriot side did not accept an Akinci-Anastasiades-Erdogan- Tsipras meeting”, he stated. 

 “Anastasides’ visit to Ankara in return to my visit to Athens was also discussed and again the Greek Cypriot side put obstacles. In holding these contacts, reciprocity should not be overlooked”, he said.



4. The “foreign ministry” of the breakaway regime reacts on Cyprus government’s call to oil companies to bid on block 7

According to illegal Bayrak television (05.10.18,, the so-called deputy ministry and foreign ministry of the breakaway regime in the occupied area of Cyprus, in a statement issued yesterday, criticized the decision of the Cyprus Government to invite oil companies to bid on block 7 within its EEZ.

In the statement, the “foreign ministry” has expressed anger over the unilateral action on hydrocarbon exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean and it read: “We shall not allow the Greek Cypriot Administration to usurp our rights”. 

The statement also claimed that the decision was also proof that the Greek Cypriot side persistently continued to pursue a policy aimed at usurping the rights of Turkish Cypriots on the issue, arguing that “the Greek Cypriot Administration’s unlawful stance had a negative and destabilizing impact on the region, and that the decision was a direct reflection of the Greek Cypriot side’s reluctance to share power and wealth with the Turkish Cypriots which was the reason why the negotiations process collapsed last year in Crans-Montana and a settlement has not been reached for the past 50 years.”

Furthermore, the statement alleged that “the fact that the international community turned a blind eye to the Greek Cypriot side’s unilateral and unlawful action harmed both the prospects for a settlement and the creation of a peaceful environment. The Greek Cypriot side is ignoring Turkish Cypriots’ rights and is also violating Turkey’s rights to its continental shelf in the Eastern Mediterranean region”.

It concluded by claiming that “the TRNC with Turkey will take all necessary steps to defend its rights and interests in the region, including carrying out its own hydrocarbon exploration activities”.


5. Ozersay: There is not a magical wand as regards the solution of the Cyprus problem

Illegal Bayrak (05.10.19 broadcast that the self-styled foreign minister Kudret Ozersay claimed that there is not such a thing as “something is being cooked” on the Cyprus problem or a new process is on the way, adding that the UN General Secretary has some serious questions as regards the Cyprus problem.

He also said that he does not want to create expectations and unnecessary hopes for the Cyprus negotiations: “Do not have great expectations and do not believe that a magical wand will lead us to the solution of the Cyprus problem”, he said. 

Ozersay, who made these statements speaking at a BRT television program, also claimed that the UN SG will not fling himself into a procedure if there is no political will.

Ozersay also stated that he does not agree with the view that the procedure will be formed according to the results of the informal meetings between the guarantor countries adding that he received the necessary information from the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu and conveyed them to the Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci.

He also claimed that the Turkish Cypriot side, thinking that the negotiations came to an ending point, made a step regarding the map; however the Greek Cypriot side tried to continue the negotiations with the issues of guarantees and political equality of the Turkish Cypriots. “Offering political equality in exchange for guarantees is not acceptable”, he stated.

He also said that it is not the name but the content of the solution that is important, adding that it is not important if it is called federation or co-federation, as long as is accepted by both “peoples” of the island.

Evaluating his contacts to New York, Ozersay said that along with the meetings he held with UN officials he also met with the Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan with whom they discussed not only the Cyprus problem but also economic issues. He also said that he held contacts with the Turkish Minister of Defense and the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs, as well.

He said that he informed the “council of ministers” about his contacts in New York adding that the meetings he held with the UN officials were not focused only to the Cyprus problem but covered other subjects as well. He also said that these meetings were very  beneficial for the Turkish Cypriots.

Ozersay said that he had unofficial meetings with the chairman of DYSI Averof Neofytou and with the Greek Cypriot negotiator Andreas Mavrogiannis, adding that these meetings are useful.



6. Statements on Ozersay’s proposal for removal of the UN camp in the occupied Famagusta

Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris Postasi newspaper (05.10.18) reports that Oguzhan Hasipoglu, “deputy” with the National Unity Party”, referring to Ozersay’s call for removal of the UN camp located near the “eastern Mediterranean university” in occupied Famagusta, argued that they have already asked for this years ago. He added that there are reasons for removal of other camps, as well.

In a written statement issued yesterday, Hasipoglu argued that it is time to take some bold steps and to exhibit a political will, adding that if it has not been already late, a bold political will should be displayed in order for the fenced off town of Varosha to be opened. He added that they, as a party, work on this issue.

Meanwhile, Turkish Cypriot daily Yeni Duzen newspaper (05.10.18) reports that Okan Dagli of Initiative of Famagusta posted in his social media account that “all military camps in Famagusta should be removed immediately and  to be replaced by public space.” He also added: “The UN camp, which was removed before, has been rented to a private company for 99 years!”



7. Erhurman announces that the occupation regime will implement winter time as of the end of October

According to illegal Bayrak television (05.10.18-, so-called prime minister Tufan Erhurman commenting on Turkey’s decision to always remain in daylight savings time, touched upon the issue during a program he attended and said that the “TRNC” would implement its own “laws”.

In line with the “laws”, this means that the clocks will be taken back an hour at the end of the month in line with the winter season. Erhurman added that he was closely watching the developments taking place in Europe regarding the debate as to whether or not the practice of daylight saving should be scrapped.


B. Turkish Press

1.Turkey’s MFA warns the Republic of Cyprus on its oil exploration activities in the Eastern Mediterranean 

Turkey’s MFA publishes in its website (04.10.18- the following written statement:

We are concerned that the Greek Cypriot Administration (GCA), by ignoring the rights of the Turkish Cypriot people, has decided to invite international companies for off-shore hydrocarbon exploration within so-called ‘License Area Number 7’ which the GCA unilaterally delimited.

This decision of the GCA constitutes an evidence that the GCA persists in ignoring the equal and inalienable rights and interests of the Turkish Cypriot side on natural resources of the island. Indeed, the Greek Cypriot side, by acting this way, once again demonstrates that they have not given up their position, which caused the closure of the Cyprus Conference in July 2017 without any results, and disregards the fact that the Turkish Cypriot side has political equality and co-ownership of the island.

On the other hand, this decision violates Turkey's rights in its continental shelf in the region stemming from international law. An important segment of so-called ‘License Area Number 7’ subject to this decision remains within the outer limits of Turkey's continental shelf in the Eastern Mediterranean, as has been registered with the UN.

It is well known that any exploration activity regarding natural resources on Turkey’s continental shelf, the outer limits of which were conveyed to the UN via our Notes dated 2 March 2004 and 12 March 2013, can only be carried out by obtaining Turkey’s permission.

As it has been emphasized by our side regarding this issue, Turkey has never allowed and will never allow any foreign country, company or ship to conduct unauthorized research activities regarding natural resources within its maritime jurisdiction areas.

Turkey will continue to take necessary measures, and will maintain all initiatives and activities, including drilling exercises, with a view to protecting its rights and interests in its continental shelf. Indeed, some drilling activities are planned on Turkey’s continental shelf in the Eastern Mediterranean, as well as in the areas licensed to Turkish Petroleum by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

In this framework, we state that no hydrocarbon exploration activity can be conducted on the Turkish continental shelf, based on invalid licenses that the GCA may endeavour to issue. We invite all countries and companies that might be interested in participating in the tender to act with common sense and to duly consider the realities on the ground”.


2. Erdogan suggests referendum on Turkey's EU accession process

Turkish daily Sabah (04.101.8- reported that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday suggested that Turkey should take popular action on the continued European Union accession process, pointing out the Union's apparent weakening.

"I'm seeing the signs of the end of the EU. I'm waiting for the process to go faster so that Turkey can determine its way; we have been waiting for membership for decades and there is no result," President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said late Thursday in TRT World Forum.

Erdogan also suggested a referendum. "If the EU situation continues to go in this direction, we might ask the 80 million people of this country how they wish to proceed with this."

Criticizing the European Union's policies and Turkey's never-ending accession process, Erdogan said: "Countries that applied at the same time, or after Turkey, have become members of the EU before us. If you are not going to let Turkey in, just let us know so that we don't tire ourselves anymore. Apparently they are not tired of tiring us."

"The period of five United Nations Security Council (UNSC) permanent members is over. A United Nations should be formed in which all 193 members serve as permanent members," Erdogan also said, repeating his criticism of the U.N.'s exclusive structure. "That's why I'm saying the world is bigger than five," he added, repeating his famous motto.

"Does the UNSC represent the world? No. Do you think all continents are represented? No," Erdogan said, adding that all seven continents need to be represented at the UNSC table. "We need to establish this in the minds of all the people, because today's world is no longer the post-World War II world," he reiterated.

"The U.N. was established to create peace and harmony, yet unfortunately still cannot find an answer to the issues in our world. The UNSC has passed many resolutions, however, they do not bring about effective outcomes," Erdogan added.

"We saw what happened in Afghanistan, Yemen and other places, not to mention the Cyprus issue which hasn't been resolved since 1974. We also see this in Syria. Have they resolved the issue there? No. Why not? Because the global justice system has collapsed."


Erdogan also blasted Israel and its apartheidist and expansionist policies while again criticizing the U.N. structure. "The U.N. will need to take some steps and pass resolutions for this to become possible. Under the U.N.'s watch, Israel was able to grow while Palestine ceased to exist, and thus only in a world with an understanding of justice can this be resolved," he said.

Erdogan also touched upon the recent Idlib deal brokered by Turkey and Russia.

"Idlib became a refuge for those fleeing bombardment in Aleppo and other parts of Syria. They went to Idlib, which became a host to over 3.5 million people. As Idlib is at Turkey's border, those fleeing would flee to Turkey, so we took steps to stop the bombardment," he said.

Detailing Turkey's humanitarian efforts, Erdogan said his country would not close its borders to people in need. "Even if there were newcomers, we would not have been able to close our borders. Why? Because they are humans. Are we going to watch them die? No. This is a humanitarian issue," he added.

He also criticized the bias regarding types of weaponry in conflicts all around the world, saying many more people have been killed by conventional weapons than by chemical or other banned materials. "(Some countries and the U.N.) are only focusing on chemical weapons, while many, many more people are being killed by conventional weapons every day," Erdogan added.


3. Cavusoglu urges for a “balanced political solution” in Syria

Ankara Anatolia news agency (04.10.18- reported that the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu on Thursday called for a “balanced political solution” in Syria, saying that establishing a constitutional committee is the “last window of opportunity” for peace.

Speaking on the second day of the TRT World Forum in Istanbul, Cavusoglu said he would meet Staffan de Mistura, UN Secretary-General's Special Envoy to Syria, after TRT World Forum.

“He is trying to establish a constitution committee [for Syria]. There are three lists of opposition, regime and civil society and it has to be a balanced one. I know some countries are trying to change this in favor of the regime [in Syria],” he said.

Cavusoglu stressed that a constitutional committee “is the last window of opportunity for the political solution in Syria.”

Cavusoglu said further that Turkey takes active roles in prevention and peaceful resolution of conflicts. “Syria is one and immediate example.”

Referring to Turkey-Russia deal on Idlib, Cavusoglu said: “The memorandum we signed with Russia on Idlib did not only prevent the humanitarian catastrophe but also prevented another mass flow of migrants to the Turkish border as well as towards Europe.”

Referring to Turkey’s ties with the EU, Cavusoglu said that there are “new opportunities” to strengthen ties between Turkey and the EU. “We have better opportunities, more opportunities, and new opportunities to strengthen our ties with the European Union and the EU member states including the Netherlands. “I am very happy that we are normalizing our relations [with the Netherlands] and we look forward to working together in many areas particularly in terrorism,” Cavusoglu stated.


Also recalling Erdogan’s “comprehensive reform” at the UN, Cavusoglu said that a reform is needed in its structures, working methods, and rules of procedures since the UN is not meeting the expectations of today's world. “Peace and prosperity cannot be sustained in specific parts of the world whilst the rest of the world is suffering. We need to adopt a win-win approach which strengthens international institutions,” he said.









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