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Turkish Cypriot and Turkish Media Review-28.08.19



A.Turkish Cypriot Press

1. Turkish former Ambassador slams EVKAF’s position on occupied fenced-off Varosha

2. Forty thousand foreigners “own” a house in the breakaway regime

3. Turkish Minister of Justice is illegally visiting the occupation regime

4. Ustel: “The goal to reach 1 million tourists has been reached”

5. Sucuoglu says that there are around 10 thousand “illegal workers” in the occupied area of Cyprus

B. Turkish Press

1. Erdogan meets Putin in Moscow; “Turkey wants to be in solidarity with Russia on defense”

2. Oruc Reis sets off to the Mediterranean

3. Turkey’s Interior Minister: “Less than 600 terrorists left in Turkey”; More arrest warrants for FETO suspects



A.Turkish Cypriot Press


1. Turkish former Ambassador slams EVKAF’s position on occupied fenced-off Varosha

Under the title “A wrong step will dissolve IPC”, Turkish Cypriot newspaper Havadis(28.08.19) reports that Deryal Batibay, Turkish former Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Turkey at the Council of Europe during the efforts to legitimize the “Immovable Property Committee” (IPC) established in the occupied area of Cyprus, has said that the decision taken by the so-called district court of occupied Famagusta that the occupied fenced-off city of Varosha belonged to EVKAF foundation should be quashed.

In an exclusive interview with Havadis, Batibay noted that this decision complied neither with the universal law principles nor with the “TRNC laws”. Responding to questions, he argued, inter alia, the following:

“In order for the Immovable Property Commission to be able to examine the application regarding Varosha, the decision of the District Court of Famagusta of 2005 should be quashed. I have said it before as well. This decision should be quashed on the grounds the procedure, because it is a decision taken without informing the persons who had abandoned Varosha in 1974 having title deeds in their hands. […] However, this decision complies neither with the universal law principles nor with the TRNC laws. Because in order for a case to be able to be examined at the court, everyone concerned should be present in that court. This is a universal law rule and it is still valid in the TRNC as well. Therefore the decision should be annulled and the supreme court should take a decision in this direction […]

There is a process in front of us until 4 November. If in this process the Supreme Court issues a decision, if it issues a decision that quashes that decision, there is the case of the plaintiff company in question and around 500 other complains except this, the IPC might find the possibility to examine all of them. The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) will be very pleased with this situation and the way of local remedies will open again. Currently there is no ‘way of national law’ regarding Varosha. And the Greek Cypriot applicants are anyway trying to prove that the way of local remedies is closed in the TRNC. They argue that the decision of the court in Famagusta has eliminated this. If until 4 November we are not able to overcome the legal obstacle which we have created for ourselves, it will appear that the IPC is not an effective local remedy and unfortunately the nationalist circles in the south will be extremely pleased. We should also say the following: The Turkish Cypriot community will lose a wonderful opportunity from the point of view of its international legitimacy […]

A few days ago, Turkish President Erdogan and TRNC prime minister Tatar held a meeting and in the joint statement they issued it was said that ‘we have discussed the effective work of the IPC and the issue of Varosha and determined a road map’. […]

Is Varosha EVKAF property or not? This debate seems interesting to me actually. I really cannot understand this. Because Varosha has passed under the Turkish Army’s control 45 years ago, has it not? Was the Turkish Army the one that prevented EVKAF from obtaining its properties in Varosha until today? Can such a thing happen? […]

After the Crans Montana process collapsed, I had said some things. I had said that the Greek Cypriot side, by using its international legitimacy, by using the differences deriving from the positions of the two sides, is following delaying tactics, instead of a permanent solution. […] Then how could we turn the status quo in our favor internationally and be more balanced with the other side? I had suggested three things:

First and foremost, to function the Immovable Property Commission speedily. When this is done, what will happen? Every time the Greek Cypriots claim rights in the north, you will draw the carpet under their feet. […] Why 20%, 30% Greek Cypriots to return to the north in a federal state to be established? Because their lands remained in the north to a great extent. If you nationalize the lands of the Greek Cypriots with the IPC trick, you will be changing the basis. And you will be doing this with the consent of the Greek Cypriot property owners.

Second was the return of the Maronites. It is a sign of multiculturalism. […]

And third, was the opening of the properties in Varosha under Turkish administration only for those who accept the call of the IPC and want to return. […]

The Greek Cypriots from Varosha have a group on the internet. They had asked among them a question saying ‘will you return to Varosha under Turkish administration?’ I was told that 40% said ‘I will return’. 30% said ‘I will definitely not return’. And the other 30% said that ‘I will watch those who will return and decide if they are satisfied’. That is, 70% is not against the idea to return. This is a very important number. I hope positive decisions were produced in this direction during the last meetings in Ankara. […]”



2. Forty thousand foreigners “own” a house in the breakaway regime

Turkish Cypriot Star Kıbrıs (28.08.19) reports that around 40,000 foreign investors own real estate property in the “TRNC” in the framework of the “buy to live” tourism.

According to the paper, these tourists spend a lot of time in the breakaway regime, visiting the occupied area at least 3-4 times per year and contributing to the socioeconomic life of the area they live in. Estimating that there are three beds in every house, the paper writes that in the area Trikomo-Gastria there are 2,500 such houses (7,500 beds), in the area Longbeach – Trikomo 500 houses (1500 beds), in Agios Sergios  1,000 houses (3,000 beds), in Kazivera 500 houses (1,500 beds), in the area Agios Amvrosios-Akanthou 500 houses (1,500 beds), in the area Agios Epiktitos - Kazafani  500 houses (1,500 beds) and in the area Trimithi Keryneia-Karavas- Lapithos  2,000  houses (6,000 beds).

The paper further reports that the construction of around 10,000 houses in the area of Agios Amvrosios and Longbeach continues especially for foreign buyers in the framework of the “buy to live system”.



3. Turkish Minister of Justice is illegally visiting the occupation regime

According to illegal Bayrak television (28.08.19-, Turkey’s Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gul is holding “contacts” in the “TRNC” today.

Gul who is one-day illegal visit to the “TRNC”, met with Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akıncı, the “speaker” of the so-called assembly, Teberruken Ulucay and so-called prime minister Ersin Tatar. Present at the meeting at the so-called presidential palace was the so-called Turkish ambassador to the occupied part of Lefkosia, Ali Murat Basceri and the so-called presidential undersecretary Gurdal Hudaoğlu.

No statement was issued after that meeting.

Speaking during his meeting with Ulucay, Gul alleged that his “visit to the TRNC was aimed at increasing cooperation between the two countries. Such visits are a clear reminder that we are always by the side of the Turkish Cypriot people,” he claimed.

Ulucay for his part, said that they were happy to see the Turkish Minister in the “TRNC”. He alleged further that Turkey was the key factor in the development of the country.

Later, Minister Gul met separately with Tatar and the so-called minister of interior, Aysegul Baybars. The two will hold a press conference after the meeting with Baybars. Gul will be departing from the “TRNC” later tonight.


4. Ustel: “The goal to reach 1 million tourists has been reached”

According to Turkish Cypriot daily newspaper Yeni Bakis (28.08.19), Unal Ustel, “minister of tourism and environment”, in a press conference held yesterday, explained the initiatives that he started and the agreements he made with the Turkish Minister of Tourism and Culture during the latter’s recent visit to the occupied area of Cyprus.

Ustel said that as a result of their initiatives, the flight ticket prices have started to be reduced in some flights from towns in Turkey. He also said that the initiative of bringing tourists, who visit Turkey with a visa, to the occupied area of Cyprus, has started. Noting that they want to soften the procedure, which was applied to the tourists visiting Turkey with a visa, Ustel explained that they have safeguarded that the tourists with single-entry visa to enter Turkey may visit the “TRNC” too. Following this initiative, Ustel claimed that they think that “the TRNC will get a big share of the tourists coming from third countries”, adding that they will have meetings with tour operators for promoting the “country” by visiting Ankara, Izmir and Antalya in the coming weeks in order to increase the market share. He also said that 45 million tourists from Asia and Europe visit Turkey and the initiatives so that these tourists would also visit the occupied area of Cyprus have started.

Stressing that their goal to reach one million tourists, which was put during the period 2011-2013 when he was again “minister” had been reached, Ustel said that the number of tourists until today is one million 150 thousands.



5. Sucuoglu says that there are around 10 thousand “illegal workers” in the occupied area of Cyprus

Turkish Cypriot daily Diyalog (28.08.19) reports that Faiz Sucuoglu, “minister of labour and social insurances” said that “there are about 10 thousand illegal workers in the country”, adding that they could “relieve the market in case the black economy was suppressed”.

Speaking to the paper, Sucuoglu said that within 45 days the “amnesty law” will be ready and stressed that their aim with this “amnesty law” is to avoid completely the “unregistered workers”. He further explained that “the most unregistered workers are in the sectors of construction and tourism”, adding that “some employers have not contributed to social insurances and providence funds in years”.

Sucuoglu further said that “generally in the market, the debt is more than 100 million TL”.



B. Turkish Press

1. Erdogan meets Putin in Moscow; “Turkey wants to be in solidarity with Russia on defense”

Ankara Anatolia news agency (27.08.2019- )reported that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday that Ankara wants to maintain solidarity with Russia in the defense industry.

"We want to continue our solidarity [with Russia] in many areas of the defense industry. It can be on passenger or fighter aircraft. The whole thing is the spirit of solidarity," Erdogan said at a press conference with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

Earlier Tuesday, Erdogan and Putin attended the inauguration ceremony of the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2019, one of the world’s leading events in its field.

Putin showed Erdogan the Su-57 fighter jet at the air show, the last generation Russian stealth aircraft. The leaders also examined Su-35 fighter jets, Ka-52 military helicopter and Mi-38 transport helicopter.

During the press conference, Putin said the two countries could conduct joint work on Su-35 fighter jets and cooperate on Su-57. "We have many opportunities. We demonstrated the new arms systems and new systems of electronic warfare," he said.

"Many things intrigued our Turkish partners and not only from a purchasing point of view but also from joint production angle. By the way, we are ready for this and will discuss certain directions," he added.

"Erdogan's visit has been an opportunity to discuss joint perspective projects not only in aviation but also in other domains such as the S-400," Putin said.

Both Presidents said that the second batch of S-400 air defense systems have been delivered to Murted Airbase in the capital Ankara.

About the recent attacks in Syria's northwestern Idlib province, Erdogan said the region faces a "humanitarian crisis" as more than 500 civilians were killed and more than 1,200 others injured since May in the Bashar Al-Assad regime attacks.

(…)"It is unacceptable that the regime spreads death both from land and air under the pretext of fighting terrorism," Erdogan said.

He added that Turkey can fulfill its responsibility within Sochi deal "if the regime ends attacks" there.

Erdogan said also that Turkey is ready to cooperate within Astana format to ensure "tranquility" in Idlib. "Our aim is to stop the bloodshed and to get our neighbor Syria a peaceful environment that it has been longing for eight years," he added.

Erdogan said, however, that Turkey has to protect its borders since the "harassment" from the Syrian side continues.

Putin, for his part, said that Russia understands Turkey’s concerns over the security situation of its border with Syria. "It [Turkey] needs to ensure its border security. This is Turkey's legitimate right," he added.

Putin also said that the situation in Idlib raises a "serious" concern, adding that Russia and Turkey have a common understanding on how to solve the problem as both countries support Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

He said that they also discussed the organization process of the Syrian constitutional committee and expressed hope that the body would be able to start the work in the near future.

"We believe that currently the priority is to focus on the final stabilization of the situation on the ground and promotion of the political process," Putin added.

Both Presidents said that the two countries are working closely under Astana format.

(…)Referring to bilateral ties between the two countries, Putin said that the bilateral relations are developing on the principles of friendship and mutual respect.

He added that TurkStream natural gas pipeline and Akkuyu nuclear plant projects are carried out according to the schedule.

Putin also said that Turkey has a popularity among Russian tourists and Moscow is grateful to Turkey for providing security and favorable conditions for them.

Erdogan said that Turkey hosted 2.7 million Russian tourists in the first half of 2019.

Putin added that Moscow and Ankara are in preparation to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations in 2020.

Meanwhile, Ankara Anatolia news agency (27.08.2019- reported that Russian space agency (Roscosmos) on Tuesday offered Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to send a Turkish astronaut to the International Space Station (ISS).

"We have a joint offer to you -- to send a Turkish astronaut to the orbit to celebrate the Republic’s anniversary. The Cosmonaut Training Center is ready to work on this," Dmitry Rogozin, the head of Roscosmos, said referring to Turkey's 100th anniversary of the Republic to be celebrated on Oct. 29, 2023.

The offer came during the joint visit of Erdogan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to the MAKS-2019 International Aviation and Space Salon.

"We will participate in your esteemed work. I thank you on behalf of our country, thank you for the work you have done," Erdogan said.

Erdogan and Putin attended the inauguration ceremony of the MAKS-2019, one of the world’s leading events in its field.


2. Oruc Reis sets off to the Mediterranean

Turkish daily Yeni Safak (28.08.19) reports that the 86-metre long Oruc Reis ship left the İstanbul Haydarpaşa Port and is headed to the Mersin Taşucu Port. “The ship, which has reached the Dardanelle Bosporus, is following the Fatih, Yavuz and Barbaros Hayreddin Pasa ships to the Mediterraneanm in order to conduct seismic research at the area”, writes the paper. It also reports that Faith and Yavuz are conducting seismic research in Karpaz -1 and in Finike -1 wells, accordingly.

Oruc Reis passed last night at 20.00 from the Marmara Sea and has entered Dardaneleia escorted by the TCG Yıldırım frigate, the paper further reports.



3. Turkey’s Interior Minister: “Less than 600 terrorists left in Turkey”; More arrest warrants for FETO suspects

Turkish daily Hurriyet Daily News (27.08.19- reported that Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu said on Aug. 27 that there are less than 600 terrorists remaining in the country, thanks to Ankara’s fight against terrorism.

"We are at the peak of our determination and success in eliminating terrorism," Soylu said.

Though the Minister did not mention a specific terrorist group, Turkey has long been conducting operations against the PKK terror group in the region.

Meanwhile, Ankara Anatolia news agency (27.08.2019- reported that arrest warrants were issued for 44 on-duty soldiers across Turkey over their suspected links to the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO), the group behind the 2016 defeated coup in Turkey, security sources said Tuesday.

Prosecutors in southeastern Gaziantep province issued arrest warrants for 23 suspects, who were found to have communicated with "covert imams" -- senior FETO members -- using pay phones, said one of the source who asked not to be named due to restrictions on speaking to media.

So far, 10 suspects have been arrested in police operations conducted in 15 provinces.

Also, prosecutors in northwestern Canakkale province issued arrest warrants for 21 soldiers, who were allegedly serving as FETO’s covert imams, said another source.

So far, nine suspects have been arrested in simultaneous police operations conducted in 11 provinces and in the “TRNC”. The operation is underway to seize the remaining suspects.