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Application for registration as a sworn translator

In accordance with the Law to provide for the registration and regulation of the services of the Sworn Translators in the Republic of Cyprus (N45(Ι)/2019) (articles 6,7,8,9 and 10), interested parties who wish to become registered as Sworn Translators may submit an application to the Council for the Registration of Sworn Translators as follows:

A. Holders of a BA and/or an MA in Translation, with experience in written translations starting two years prior to 2019 (the year of entry into force of the said Law), who have their permanent residence in the Republic of Cyprus, and DO NOT HOLD A PERMANENT POST IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR, have the right to apply for registration without any prior written examination.

Given that the above basic criteria are met, interested parties may submit their application in person to the Council for the Registration of Sworn Translators at the Press and Information Office (for appointment: 22-801105, 22-801133), with the following documents:


1. Bachelor’s degree and/or Master’s degree in Translation (original document must be presented) *

[*documents from non-EU countries to be accompanied by certification of the Cyprus Council of Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications (KY.S.A.T.S.)]

2. Official translation by Sworn Translator for documents issued in a language other than Greek or English.

3. Certification of experience in written translation (starting two years before 2019).

4. Very Good Knowledge of Greek: - Apolytirion from a High School where the teaching language is Greek) or a Certificate of Attainment (Ellinomatheia), Level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for Languages.

5. Criminal Record Certificate (issued by the Cyprus Police the latest three months before application).

6. Identity Card.

7. Completed form in Greek (link to pdf)


B. Non-holders of a BA or an MA in Translation may apply to be registered as Sworn Translators following an announcement for written examinations for Sworn Translators published in the press, on the websites of the Press and Information Office and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports, or following a Call of Interest for Translators in specific languages.