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The Archive Development Section has the responsibility of modernizing, utilizing and making available to the public, the Newspaper, Photographic and Press Releases Archives of the Press and Information Office.

The Press and Information Office maintains a digitized press archive, which is accessible to the public both at the Nicosia Research Center, at the PIO premises, and the Research Centers in Limassol, Larnaka, Ayia Napa and Paphos, so that all citizens of the Republic of Cyprus will be able to easily access the Newspaper Archive.

The digitized Newspaper Archive is equipped with the latest software word search engine programme in Greek (demotic, katharevousa and archaic).

The digitized archive material dates back to 1878 and spans more than a century. Moreover, the available digitized pages add up to around one million, thus enabling the visitor to delve into an astonishingly rich archive. There is also a list available with all the digitized newspapers, as well as the specific time period during which each newspaper was circulating.

In order for the Newspaper Archive to become a modern, fully accessible and state-of-the-art Cyprus Press Archive, the PIO has managed to secure funding from EU funds in order to digitize, quickly and in the most proficient way possible, even more newspapers included in the Archive. The submission, jointly with the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation, of an application to the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Greece-Cyprus 2014-2020, has resulted in the approval of the project entitled "Digital Herodotus ΙΙ" with a total budget of € 1,208,000.00 and a 28-month duration. During the implementation of the project, studies will be carried out regarding the maintenance of newspapers and the space in which they are kept, as well as the electronic search engine for searching clippings, with the aim of improving the way the public (students, researchers, journalists) can access the digital collection of the Newspaper Archive. Most of the funding will be utilized to digitize the main newspaper titles included in the PIO Archive and which are currently not available in a digital form.

Since September 2016, after a decision of the Council of Ministers, access by the public to the Newspaper Archive is free of charge.

Contact details:

Press and Information Office / Newspaper Archive: tel. 22801111, email:
Limassol Research Center: tel. 25763755, email:
Larnaka Research Center: tel. 24620994, email:
Ayia Napa Research Center: tel. 23816366, email:
Paphos Research Center: tel. 26912582


The Photographic Archive of the Press and Information Office contains a vast collection of photographs – more than 700,000 negatives – dating from 1950 until the present. The photographs portray a variety of topics regarding Cyprus. In 2004 there was a switch to digital photography.
Those interested to search through the archive can do so by visiting the premises of the Press and Information Office in Nicosia. (You can find information about the service fees for using the PIO photo archive on the left side column – ‘Relevant Links’)
With the advent of digital imaging, the PIO embarked upon a process to digitize its vast photographic archive in order to eventually render it accessible online. In this way, the public will be able to delve into the PIO’s invaluable photographic resources. 
The PIO’s photographic archive has also been enriched with other archives, which were either purchased or given to it as a donation.
These are the following:
1. The United Photojournalists Archive, which records the 1955-59 liberation struggle and consists of 409 negatives.
 2. Herbert Henniker Heaton’s Archive: in 2007 Ms Sukey Cameron donated to the PIO a photo album containing 199 photographs taken in Cyprus by her grandfather Herbert who served in the British army in 1931.
3. Jacques Iacovides’ Archive: in 1995 28,210 negatives from Jacques Iacovides’ collection on Cyprus, were purchased.
4. Felix Yiaxi’s Archive: In 2007 the PIO purchased from the Yiaxis family a large part of his photographic collection comprising 9,887 negatives.
5. Yiorgos Vatyliotis’ Archive: the archive, comprising 19,195 negatives, was donated by the late Yiorgos Vatyliotis to the Union of Cyprus Journalists. Following an agreement between the PIO and the Union of Cyprus Journalists, the archive has been given to the PIO for maintenance and digitization (both the PIO and the Union have a right of use).
6. Photographic material acquired by photographers Katia Christodoulou, Christos Violaris, Constantinos Charalambous, Anikitos Hadjicharalambous, Andreas Andreou and Takis Ioannides.
7. Photographic material included in the book ‘Meres Orgis’ by photojournalists Andreas Koutas and Babis Avdelopoulos, consisting of 555 photographs. 
8. Klaus Gallas’ Archive: The collection comprises 177 transparencies depicting occupied Cyprus.
9. Tomasz Moscicki’s Archive:  It comprises 151 photographs in digital form depicting Cyprus.
10. Fanis Parperis’ SMART Archive: In 2008 the PIO purchased from Fanis Parperis’ heirs, his photographic archive comprising 11,701 negatives.
Moreover, the archive is being enriched on a daily basis with the photographic material of PIO photographers.
Contact details:
Press and Information Office / Photographic Archive: tel. 22801235, email:

One of the ways in which the public is being informed about the government’s work is through the issuing of press releases.

The press releases reflect the official government policy, as they consist of statements by the President of the Republic, Ministers and high-ranking government officials, as well as all government activities.

The PIO press releases archive, which dates back to 1962, constitutes a significant source of information, particularly for researchers, students and journalists.

Through the use of a pioneering digitization programme, the PIO has digitized its press releases archive, which is now accessible to the public on the website