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This is a digitised archive containing all the official press releases and other announcements issued by the Press and Information Office relating to the activities of the government, the House of Representatives and independent institutions and services that have been issued since 1962.

The Press Releases Archive is available online at


The PIO has the richest collection of newspapers and magazines published in Cyprus from 1878 until today.

It includes 381 titles in the Greek language (political, economic, trade union, sports, satirical, cultural, agricultural, etc.), 117 titles in foreign languages and 199 Turkish Cypriot newspapers, some of which are in the Ottoman writing of the period 1891-1930.  The collection also includes 594 magazine titles.

The physical archive is kept in a specially designed facility in the PIO building in Nicosia.

In order to protect the archive from physical wear and tear caused by frequent handling and the ravages of time and to facilitate public access to its content, the PIO has digitised important parts of the collection, as part of an ambitious digitisation project underway.

The entire digital collection is publicly accessible at the PIO premises in Nicosia.

Since 2020 a large part of the digitised material is also available online at


Contact details:

Press and Information Office / Newspaper Archive: tel. 22801326, email:

The activities of the President of the Republic, the President of the House of Representatives, ministers and other officials, as well as society, economy, urban and rural environment, education and culture are some of the themes of the PIO’s rich Photographic Archive dating back to 1950.

The photographs are mainly taken by the PIO’s photographers as part of the daily coverage of government activities and important events taking place in Cyprus. 

The Archive also includes private collections donated to or purchased by the PIO.

The digitisation of the analog Photographic Archive, which consists of approximately 700,000 negatives, has been completed.

The processing of the already digitised material is in progress, in order to obtain the appropriate specifications that will allow its further utilisation.

Researchers can browse the PIO Photographic Archive upon visit to the PIO premises in Nicosia by appointment only.

For information about the service fees for using the PIO Photographic Archive click here.


Contact details:

Press and Information Office / Photographic Archive: tel. 22801235, 22801129, email: ,