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Campaigns & Productions


The Campaigns’ Department is responsible for the promotion of the main priorities/objectives of the Government, either on the basis of its own suggestions or at the initiative of the Ministries and after consultation with the Ministries, as well as in the framework of the promotion of Civil Service reforms. The objective is the best and widest possible promotion of these priorities/objectives, through targeted campaigns, by making use of the resources and tools available in the different sections of the PIO, such as publications, audiovisual productions, photo exhibitions, publications, as well as by implementing other communication proposals, such as public consultations and press conferences.


Audiovisual Productions

The Campaigns’ Department is also responsible for the procurement and processing of public contracts for the production of TV and radio spots, printed advertisements and audiovisual material for promotion in Social Media networks and websites, as well as the production of documentaries for the promotion of Cyprus at home and abroad, based on topics drawn from current affairs, as well as the objectives and priorities of the Government.


Photographic Exhibitions

The Photographic Department of the PIO has a rich production of photographic exhibitions, which mainly travel abroad but are also exhibited in Cyprus, within the framework of various events. The themes of the exhibitions support and promote the Government’s communication strategy in general and the strategy of the Ministries in particular, taking into consideration, at the same time, the needs of the embassies of the Republic abroad and Cyprus’ major events and anniversaries.