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Economy changed significantly the needs and challenges of professional communication. Challenges, which we need to understand and respond to, with creativity, strategic vision, efficiency.  The role and importance of strategy and constant evolvement is emphasized, while the newly created digital environment presents an excellent opportunity for growth.

A kind of growth which we, at the Press and Information Office, embrace daily. The mission of the PIO, as the Communication Authority of the Republic of Cyprus, is to enable effective communication between the public and private sector, political structures and citizens, while promoting the Government’s work, principles and priorities. We always remain focused on the needs of the public for accurate and prompt information, while we explore emerging new practices in the communications discipline, in order to improve our efficacy and upgrade our tools and techniques.

Globalized economy and technological development, digitalization and the takeover of our brain space by the social media noise, have fundamentally changed the way we communicate.  All stakeholders, -politicians, media and society- share equally the floor during this open, public and real-time dialogue.   The growing need of the public for emotional attachment to the "Μessage" and the need to see its added value, are now evident at all levels of political decision making, policy drafting and Law implementation.

Politics, Media, Society, Information and technology industries have to come together and create efficient networks of cooperation. We need to interact and inspire, share our work, transfer knowledge and opinions. The creative work presented will be a real celebration of communication and it will enhance productively the on-going dialogue between the “message industry” and the “receiving end”, the Society. An effort which, we at the PIO are proud to be a part of.


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Sophie Michaelides 

Director of the Press and Information Office