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International & European Relations

The Department of International and European Relations has the responsibility of shaping and implementing the Government’s communication strategy with regard to the international and European mass media. The Department:

 • Monitors and evaluates articles and news reports published in the international press that are of interest to Cyprus, maintains contact and fosters relations with international mass media representatives as well as with foreign correspondents residing in Cyprus.

 • Organises visits to Cyprus of foreign journalists, who express an interest in writing articles or special reports on issues related to Cyprus or in the framework of a targeted policy. It undertakes the preparation of the visits of missions of foreign journalists in the framework of important conferences organised in Cyprus, such as bilateral/trilateral summit meetings, and visits of heads of state and government.

 • Promotes and communicates the Government’s work to international mass media, either directly or through the foreign correspondents in Cyprus.

 • Arranges, prepares and coordinates interviews by the President of the Republic and other state officials to foreign media.

 • Organises and coordinates, in collaboration with foreign diplomatic missions in Cyprus, visits of press officers abroad.

 • Is responsible for the promotion of EU policies.

 • Develops collaborations with academic institutions and other organisations at an international level.

 • Evaluates applications submitted by academics requesting scholarships from the PIO within the framework of their research work, and provides them with information and facilities during their stay in Cyprus.