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Mission & Organizational Chart

The Press and Information Office’s (PIO) mission is the objective and continuous briefing of Cypriot citizens and the international community on all issues concerning Cyprus, the Cyprus problem and issues related to Cyprus’ participation in the European Union.

Moreover, the PIO seeks to improve public access to press releases, newspapers/magazines, publications, film and photo archives through the maintenance, digitization and upgrading of its Archives.    

Through information material such as publications, documentaries, TV and radio spots, as well as other audiovisual material, the PIO aims at promoting Cyprus.

In Cyprus the PIO aims at communicating the Government’s policies to the citizens and at providing them with comprehensive information on all issues that concern them, through an effective communication strategy.

Awareness abroad is achieved through the resources of the PIO, for example through the Press Attachés at the diplomatic missions of Cyprus, the relations the PIO established with foreign media, academic institutions and other stakeholders.

PIO Organizational Chart