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Authorization for photographing / filming in Cyprus

There is no restriction in regard to photographing / filming people, shops etc. in Cyprus, as long as you get permission from the appropriate person. However, bear in mind that if you are planning to photograph / film within the Larnaka and Pafos International airports, the Larnaka and Limassol ports and the military zones, including the demarcation line, or photograph / film antiquities or photograph / film from the air or under the sea, you will need to obtain authorization from the following competent authorities:

  •  Archaeological sites: Authorization is needed from the Department of Antiquities.
  • Military zones, including the demarcation line: Authorization is needed, well in advance, from the Ministry of Defense. Specific dates, times and locations are necessary. Some locations are prohibited.
  • By air: Authorization is needed from the Department of Civil Aviation.
  • Underwater: Authorization depends on the location (i.e. ports, archaeological sites).


Please note that the designated entry points into the Republic are the Larnaka and Pafos airports and the Larnaka and Limassol ports.



 Contact information for Larnaka and Pafos International airports:





Fax: +357 24 643633


Larnaka International Airport

PO Box 43027

P.C. 6650

Larnaka, Republic of Cyprus





Fax: +357 26 007100


Pafos International Airport

PO Box 62181

P.C. 8061

Pafos, Republic of Cyprus


If you want to ship / bring with you your filming equipment, you are advised to contact the Customs and Excise Department:


Tel.: + 357 22601713

Fax: +357 22302031


In case you want to collaborate with a Cypriot production company, which could facilitate on your behalf the whole procedure, you can visit the website of the Directors’ Guild of Cyprus:



For any further information or clarifications, please contact the competent authority, as below:

Ministry of Education and Culture

Cultural Services



Tel. +357 22 809 845