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Under the «Introductory Provisions» of Part 1 of the Press Law (Amendment) 84/1 of 2002 (Press Laws of 1989-2001), anyone interested in having a press card issued or renewed must:

  • Be practicing journalism,
  • Be mainly and regularly employed at a mass medium which operates or is published in Cyprus,
  • Supply the Local Press Section of the Press and Information Office with a letter from their employer confirming their press capacity and employment at the relevant organisation. The letter must also include the interested party’s name written in Greek and in English, as well their identity card or passport number.
  • Come in person, by appointment, to the Press and Information Office in order to have their photo taken on the spot or if this is not possible, send a digital photo by e-mail (passport size 4.5X3.5 cm, resolution 300 ppi).

For further information and/or clarifications you may contact:


Eleni Papadopoulou, email:, tel. 22801151
Symela Sidiropoulou, email:, tel. 22801196
George Loucaides, email:, tel. 22801237


The above requirements also apply for the issuing or renewal of a foreign press card. Foreign Correspondents must supply the International & European Relations Section of the Press and Information Office with a letter from their Media Organization confirming their employment as a correspondent in Cyprus. Foreign Correspondents who wish to come in person to the PIO in order to have their press card issued or renewed, are kindly advised to make an appointment beforehand by contacting:

Maria Pattoura, email:, tel. 22801165
Eliza Antoniou, email:, tel. 22801118

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