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10-10-2019 09:12

Concluding Remarks of the 1st meeting of the Committee under the Cyprus-Egypt Ministries of Health MoU on Pharmaceuticals

On 8 October 2019, on the meeting that took place between the delegations of the Cyprus and Egypt, as part of the implementation of the MoU, several areas of potential synergies and collaborations where examined and discussed with special focus on pharmaceuticals. The delegations decided to take action of the following:

1. Take all necessary actions for the proposal for the addition of Cyprus on the List of Reference Countries to be approved by the Technical Committee of the Egyptian Ministry of Health. This will greatly facilitate the export of pharmaceutical products from the Cypriot pharmaceutical industry to Egypt.

2. Promoting investment of the Cyprus pharmaceutical industry in Egypt. The possibilities for establishing manufacturing plants in Egypt will be explored with the Cypriot manufacturers.

3. Take the necessary actions for Cyprus to become a hub for products of the Egyptian pharmaceutical industry to gain access to the European Union market.  Upon the establishment of the Cyprus National Pharmaceutical Authority, Cyprus may undertake the role of Reference Member State (RMS) on MRP/DCP procedures with products from Egypt.

4. Encouraging the registration and export of oncological, hormonal, inhalers, innovative and local anaesthetic products from Cyprus to Egypt. Exchange information on the products needed in the Egyptian market and explore the possibilities of the registration of these products in Egypt by the Cypriot pharmaceutical industry.

5. Explore the possibilities of collaboration for the treatment of Hepatitis C for Cypriot patients by facilitating their treatment in Egypt at a significantly lower cost than the current cost in Cyprus.

6. Exchange of expertise in the area of GMP inspections. The Pharmaceutical Services will provide on-site training on GMP inspections to the personnel of CAPA and the trainees from the Pharmaceutical Services while inspecting Egyptian manufacturing sites.

7. Exchange information on the shortages of medicines experienced by the two countries and facilitate ways of solving the issue of shortages.

8. Explore the possibility of the use of Egyptian Contract Research Organisations (CROs) for conducting bio-equivalence studies by the Cypriot pharmaceutical industry.

9. Egypt to act as a hub for Cypriot pharmaceutical products to expand their access in the market of the African countries.