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17-10-2019 20:58

Address by the President of the House of Representatives, Mr Demetris Syllouris, at the event #UKalumniCY: celebrating UK-Cyprus links in education

It is a great pleasure to be among you this evening, taking part in this celebration of UK - Cyprus links in education and beyond. I was particularly honoured to accept the invitation to address this event. I personally appreciate the multiple benefits of studying in the UK.

Tonight’s event comes as an ideal follow up to a series of initiatives already undertaken by the British Council in Cyprus in collaboration with the High Commission and all interested stakeholders, with the aim of consolidating further the already close educational ties and cooperation between our two countries, especially in view of the Brexit.

The House of Representatives has been a strong supporter of these efforts, all the more so as the higher education sector is an important contributor to the Cyprus economy, offering the opportunity to move away from a service-based approach, towards a model focused on research and innovation.

Cyprus, as a member of both the EU and the Commonwealth is in a unique position to seize opportunities arising after Brexit, for targeted collaborations with UK universities and institutions, to the benefit of both our countries. We have a lot to gain from an enhanced cooperation that utilizes the already established transnational education (TNE) collaborations, the possibilities offered by technological advancements and especially the, fourth industrial revolution, as well as possibilities for collaboration within the framework of networks, such as the Commonwealth. Among tonight’s participants, I am pleased to see successful examples of UK-Cyprus joint efforts in these fields that have already borne fruit.  

I can assure you that, despite the ongoing uncertainty surrounding Brexit, the House of Representatives works to ensure that citizens shall continue to enjoy the benefits and opportunities of a close relationship between the UK and Cyprus. To this effect, we have already amended relevant legislation in order to ensure that all collaboration agreements between the UK and Cyprus higher education and research institutions will continue to operate without problems. 

In conclusion, I would like to warmly congratulate the High Commission and the British Council in Cyprus for all their efforts in promoting educational ties between our two countries. I am confident that, through collective action, Cyprus and the UK can successfully face any challenge and move ahead towards the establishment of a dynamic and vibrant educational and research environment, to the benefit of institutions, students and society as a whole. I wish you all a pleasant and constructive evening.

Thank you.