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05-12-2019 15:24

Seminars on Insolvency by the Supreme Court

The Judicial Training School of the Supreme Court, in collaboration with the International Monetary Fund, is organising a series of seminars on Insolvency from 9th to 13th, December 2019, at the Supreme Court.

The full-day seminars will be attended by District Court Judges, Supreme Court Legal Officers, Registrars and Officers of both the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance.

The expert trainers, Judges Mr Leif M Clark from the USA and Ms Marie Baker from Ireland will present, in a practical and interactive way, the Insolvency Framework and the specific provisions regarding the Company Law relating to the Appointment of Examiners and the Insolvency of Natural Persons in relation to Personal Repayment Plans. There will also be a presentation on the new European Directive and its implications for practice in Cyprus in relation to the abovementioned Laws.