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24-01-2020 14:52

European Statistics Competition, National Phase Results of the First Assignment

Τhe First Assignment of the National Phase of the European Statistics Competition took place on 10 January 2020. 249 students of lower and upper secondary education from all over Cyprus formed 85 teams and participated in the competition.

The co-organizers (Statistical Service of Cyprus, Department of Secondary Education of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, University of Cyprus and Cyprus Statistical Society) would like to congratulate all the teams for their participation and effort.

The First Assignment included three tests as follows:

a. Basic statistical knowledge test,

b. Use of official statistical data sources test,

c. Interpretation of statistical reports test.

The ten teams with the highest score in each category (lower and upper secondary) qualify to the Second Assignment, which includes the preparation of a statistical report based on the analysis of given dataset.

The ten teams in each category that proceed to the Second Assignment are given here, in alphabetical order. The mark distribution of the First Assignment is also provided.