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16-04-2018 13:28

The Minister of Interior addresses the signing ceremony for the upgrading and development of the Geographical Information System of DLS

Ι would like to express a very warm welcome to everybody here today, as well as my gratitude on both sides for reaching an agreement towards the implementation of a very important project for the Cyprus Government, the upgrade and development of the Geographical Information System of the Department of Lands and Surveys (DLS).

Digitization and e-governance, as well as the implementation and upgrading of IT systems throughout the Public Service is one of the major strategic goals of the Presidency of the Republic and a top priority for the Ministry itself. Due to the fact that the Ministry is directly related with all the development goals of the Government, the technology and information systems which support all of its functions remain very crucial. Α prime example is the Land Information System of the Department of Lands and Surveys which not only serves the internal needs of the Department but it is the backbone of other major related systems of the Government. DLS is considered to be the largest data provider in property related data and definitely the prime provider of GIS data.

The upgrading of the DLS Land Information System was set as an urgent priority in the last meeting of the Cyprus e-Governance Board, stressing out not only the importance of the project itself but the need to provide DLS with the necessary IT tools in order to embrace all new technological trends, vital for its operations.

Large scale ΙΤ projects tend to always be complex and quite difficult to implement however i am very confident though that as a Ministry, we can rely on one hand, on ESRI's expertise on the field and global leadership in Geographical Information Systems and on the other hand, on the vast know-how, DLS and DITS possess in jointly implementing such projects successfully.

The task and end result is the development of a highly solid product which will take us forward smoothly in order to cope with all the speedy changing trends in both technology and in supporting the needs of the highly demanding property sector in Cyprus; a sector which is again escalating successfully in Cyprus, after the recent economic crisis, due to the hard work, the careful planning and the setting up of new goals of the Government. This important sector needs to continuously be supported by fast and friendly non-bureaucratic procedures, a solid and highly effective Land Registration and Cadastral system, as well as efficient ΙΤ technology.

Ending up, please allow me to thank both parties for the professionalism they have shown throughout the negotiation process and the hard work it involved all these years to reach this important stage.  Ι am sure that this kind of professional and mutual beneficial attitude and cooperation will continue throughout the project and bring it to a success.

I wish you all good luck and best success to the project.

Thank you again for your presence here.