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18-02-2020 11:25

The President of the Republic received the Minister of the Armed Forces of France

The President of the Republic Mr Nicos Anastasiades received today, at the Presidential Palace, the Minister of the Armed Forces of France Mrs Florance Parly, at the presence of the Minister of Defence of the Republic, Mr Savvas Angelides.

After the meeting, Mrs Parly told reporters that “it was an opportunity to express our solidarity regarding Cyprus which is under strong pressure from an international perspective. France is a friend of Cyprus and I reiterated our solidarity. That was my main message.” She added that in the afternoon she will visit France’s aircraft carrier which sails in the area.

Asked how the solidarity towards Cyprus is being manifested, the French Minister said that “the solidarity is manifested in many ways. We have a strong bilateral cooperation with Cyprus. Cyprus welcomes regular port calls from our navy and we are very grateful for that, and it participates in the efficiency at the aircraft carrier strike group operation, and we also express our solidarity regarding, for instance, on what goes on in the EEZ.”