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24-03-2020 14:57

Restrictions to the movements of citizens for the prevention of spreading the coronavirus

With the Minster’s of Health new decree, issued on the 23rd of March 2020 under the title “Quarantine Law (Determination Measures for Obstruction of Spreading the Coronavirus COVID-19) Decree (No 9) of 2020”, since yesterday at 6.00pm, Tuesday 24th of March, 2020 and until the 13th of April 2020 , measures are being  implemented concerning restrictions on the  citizens’ movements.  For their allowed movements employees/citizens are required to fill the related form. The forms are posted on the webpages of the Ministry of Finance and at the Press and Information Office

Form A, related to the Confirmation for an Employee΄s movement, must be signed by the employers/ supervisors and subitted to all the employees who are obliged to attend to their workplace based on the working program which is applicable to each business/organization. The same Form can also be filled by the self-employed. Form B concerning the Statement of Citizen’s Movement in Exceptional Cases must be filled by every citizen when needed to move outdoors for justified reasons(included in Form B), according to the Decree. Alternatively, instead of completing Form B, citizens can send an SMS at 8998(free of charge), in the form defined in Annex, which has been published to the above mentioned webpages.

For any kind of movements, employees/citizens must carry their identification document or passport along with the completed related form or the SMS reply, as the will have to present them, in case of a police ckeck .