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25-03-2020 19:51

Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy: The SMS service for the statement for the movement of citizens in exceptional cases is in function again

The Ministry of Relsearch, Innovation and Digital Policy announces that the option of sending an SMS to 8998 for the statement for the movement of citizens in exceptional cases is available to the public, as the service is in function again as of 7.30 pm, today.

It is reminded that the instructions for sending an SMS are the following:

X space ID or passport number space postal code, where: The ID or passport number has to be in letters and numbers and not in special features with a maximum of 10 characters. The postal code should be 4 digits.

Χ stands for the purpose of movement with the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 corresponding to the following reasons:

  1. Visit to a pharmacy, blood donation center or a doctor.
  2. Visit to a store to buy essential goods/services.
  3. Visit to a bank provided that electronic transaction is not possible.
  4. Absolutely necessary visits to government services or services of the wider public sector and local government.
  5. Movement with the purpose of assisting people who are unable to serve or protect themselves or who are in self-confinement and/or compulsory confinement (quarantine)
  6. Movement for physical activity or for the needs of a pet, alone or in a group of no more than two persons and in areas adjacent to their homes.
  7. Movement with the purpose of attending a ceremony (eg. funeral, wedding, christening) of first and second degree relatives, not exceeding 10 persons.
  8. Movement for any other purpose that may be justified under the prohibition of movement measures.

It is noted that, once sending the sms, a reply of approval will be received and the citizen will have the right to move for a reasonable amount of time depending on the purpose applied for movement.