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29-03-2020 09:40

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports Cypriot students abroad

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Nikos Christodoulides, has had telephone contacts with the President of the Pancyprian Federation of Student Unions (POFEN) and the heads of the National Cypriot Students Associations (EFEK) in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patra, Volos, Komotini, Ioannina, Iraklion, Rethymno, Bulgaria, Moscow and the Czech Republic. Mr Christodoulides also held a teleconference with the Presidents of the Cypriot Students Association and the Presidents of Cypriot Student Movements in the United Kingdom.

During the discussions, the Minister of Foreign Affairs was briefed on the situation of Cypriot students in their countries of residence, on the concerns and problems they are facing, as well as on the issues of repatriation, in particular with regard to vulnerable groups of students. Mr. Christodoulides expressed the readiness of the Republic of Cyprus, given the particular circumstances we are experiencing, to support the Cypriot students in every possible way.

Following the discussions, it was announced that:

  • From Tuesday, March 31, a special online platform will be launched through which all Cypriot citizens abroad, including students, will be invited to register so as to facilitate direct communication with them, in order to update them on important issues that concern them. Details will be made public on Tuesday.
  • As of today, Sunday, 29 March, the UK National Federation of Cypriots is launching a program, under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to send a free package of basic foodstuffs, containing mainly Cypriot products, to students in the UK. Students who are in the UK and wish to receive the package at their address may submit the required information through
  • Cypriot students who are in the UK and need to contact a doctor may do so by emailing A special telephone line will be set up in the coming days.
  • Cypriot overseas students in need of medication that may not be obtained locally in their countries of residence may apply for assistance either by email at or alternatively by phone, calling (+357) 22 801000. In these cases, and if objective difficulties are documented, an effort will be made to dispatch the medicines from Cyprus where circumstances permit. For the United Kingdom in particular, it is noted that all Cypriot citizens in the country, including students, have the right to apply to the National Health Service (NHS) to secure their medication, on the basis of a relevant bilateral agreement which is in force.