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31-03-2020 11:55

Foreign Ministry announces cooperation with network of doctors to respond to medical needs of Cypriots abroad

Following relevant information previously provided, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces the launch of cooperation with a network of Doctors set up to respond to the medical needs of Cypriot citizens currently abroad. Special arrangements have been made for the United Kingdom and Greece, the two countries hosting the largest concentration of Cypriots. Details are given below.

 Arrangements for the United Kingdom

 Cypriot citizens in the UK who need to contact a Doctor can do so by emailing or by calling the UK hotline 0207 124 4090 to access a network of Doctors set up in collaboration with the National Federation of Cypriots in the United Kingdom.


 Arrangements for Greece

 Cypriot citizens located in Greece can contact directly the following participating Doctors:


Dr. Nikos Ioannou - Cardiologist +30 6932275185

Dr. Antonis Polydorou - Cardiologist +30 6946825858

Dr. Costas Christodoulou - Gynecologist +30 6944541571

Dr. Michalis Papademetriou - Urological Surgeon +30 6977998088

Dr. Michael Kymises - Pathologist +30 6932967771

Dr. Andreas Zambas - Gynecologist +30 6972910006

Dr. Savvas Ioannides - Surgeon General +30 6944528132


Dr. Charalambos Charalambous - Pathologist +30 6944601449

Dr. Demetris Efstathiou - Surgeon +30 6945466070

Dr. Charis Phokas - Cardiologist +30 6944845244

Dr. Lambros Razis - Ophthalmic Surgeon +30 6979110033


Dr. Nikos Nikolaides - Gynecologist +30 6945383881


Arrangements for other countries

 Cypriot citizens located in other countries may contact the accredited Diplomatic Mission of the Republic in order to obtain contact details of Doctors who, in accordance with arrangements made where this has been possible, have agreed to provide services to Cypriot in need. A list of the Diplomatic Missions of the Republic can be found on the Ministry's website at: