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20-05-2020 13:38

Statements by the Deputy Government Spokesman on the meeting of the PoR with the scientific team for combating the coronavirus

The President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades today chaired a meeting at the Presidential Palace with the scientific team for combating the coronavirus pandemic.

In statements after the meeting the Deputy Government Spokesman Mr. Panayiotis Sentonas said that “the President of the Republic today held a new meeting with the members of the scientific advisory committee, which throughout this period acts in consultation with the Government for managing the pandemic.

Attending the meeting were also the Government Ministers involved, that is to say the Ministers of Communications, Health, Finance, Labour, Foreign Affairs, Justice and the Undersecretary for Tourism.

The meeting focused on the Government plan of action for the gradual lifting of restriction measures on flights from and to the airports of Larnaca and Paphos, and also on the reopening of passports in general.

The planning and time schedules concerning the reopening of hotels in the tourist industry were also discussed.

The President of the Republic listened to the views of the scientists on a variety of issues concerning these plans, as for instance the stages for the opening of the airports, categorization of countries, setting of criteria and requirements for each category and prevention and hygienic protection measures.

Decisions both on the action plan for the reopening of the airports and the reactivation of hotels will be taken next Friday by the Council of Ministers.

The President of the Republic once again expressed his thanks and appreciation to the scientists for the valuable services they have been providing to the Government for the handling of the pandemic and also for their efforts in keeping the citizens informed”.