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25-05-2020 18:52

No changes to the planning for the reopening of certain businesses and sectors

Following statements to the Press for an evaluation of possible reopening of certain businesses and sectors earlier than initially planned, such as nurseries, gyms, swimming pools, etc., the Minister of Health Mr. Constantinos Ioannou would like to make clear that he has today received in writing the report of the Advisory Scientific Committee (ASC), according to which all activities remain at the same stage as originally determined.

It should be noted that the relevant report has been submitted by the ASC following a request by the Minister of Health for an evaluation of the stages for lifting the restriction measures, based on the epidemiological picture to date and following requests by the entities, associations and citizens concerned.  

It follows that the evaluation of ASC has been completed and at this stage there is no suggestion for any modification of the decisions already taken.

( DC )