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05-06-2020 12:55

Announcement of the Ministry of the Interior on the relaxation of measures concerning the movement from and to the areas under government control as of 8 June 2020

On the basis of the decision by the Government and the accord that prevailed between the President of the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Cypriot leader Mr. Mustafa Akinci, the Republic of Cyprus is ready as of 8 June 2020 to allow the movement from and to the areas controlled by the Republic of Cyprus, for the following categories of persons, provided that they will present on the first time they cross, a negative certificate of molecular examination for the COVID-19 disease, with prior validity of up to 72 hours. Thereafter, random sample tests would be performed on the following:

Turkish Cypriot workers on their first crossing to the free areas under the control of the Government of the Republic of Cyprus should present an employment confirmation by their employers that would include their full name and Social Security Number (SSN) Copies and or electronic messages of these certificates would be acceptable.

Greek Cypriot workers who reside permanently at Pyrgos Tillyrias and work in Nicosia. For these cases, a relevant confirmation by the employer must be presented, stating the full name and Social Security Number (SSN). It is understood that ambulances would be allowed to pass unhindered from Pyrgos Tillyrias to Nicosia.

Turkish Cypriot pupils/students who attend schools or academic institutions situated in the free areas controlled by the RoC, who will cross only through the Ledra Palace checkpoint. Their transportation will only be provided by the schools or academic institutions which they attend. Using a private vehicle to cross would not be allowed. In these cases an Attendance Certificate issued by the school or academic institution must be presented, stating the full name. The pupils/students are urged to get in touch with the schools/academic institutions they are attending, in order to be informed about the details of their transportation from the Ledra Palace checkpoint.

Enclaved people, as well as resettled Greek Cypriots and Maronites, residing permanently in the occupied areas.

Cypriot citizens who reside in the occupied areas and receive medicinal or medical care at the Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre, Institute of Neurology and Genetics and Public or Private Hospitals in the free areas. In these cases, a medical certificate issued by a doctor or hospital should be presented, stating the full name.

Crossing by exceptional approval of the Minister of the Interior for humanitarian reasons.

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