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19-06-2020 15:44

Arrangements for maximum number of persons at social gatherings in houses and public spaces

Taking into consideration the prevailing epidemiological indicators and the forecasts for the development of the COVID-19 disease, it has been decided to abolish the limitation of 10 persons for mass gatherings as of 24 June 2020.

Despite the fact that in the initial planning for the period 24 June – 6 July 2020, the maximum number of persons at gatherings had been set at 50 people in indoor spaces or 100 in outdoor spaces, the very good epidemiological picture of the last days has allowed the extension of this limit and therefore the maximum number of persons for gatherings (physical presence in the same premises/installation regardless of indoor or outdoor space) is set at 75 persons indoors or 150 persons outdoors, an arrangement which had been scheduled to apply as of 7 July 2020.

It should be clarified that a mass gathering is not allowed simultaneously in the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Mass gatherings mean, amongst others, weddings, christenings, music concerts, festivals, private assemblies in houses and any other form of mass gathering.

In the case where social gatherings take place in houses, the permanent residents thereof are counted.

It is understood that in each case the health protocols are upheld. 

( DC )