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24-06-2020 14:27

The Cyprus Property Development Company limited invitation for declaration of interest

1. The Cyprus Property Development Company Limited (the “Company”), whose main shareholder is the Cyprus Government, invites the submission of a DECLARATION OF INTEREST from physical persons, companies or organizations for the sale of a privileged plot of land with No. 5719 plan 21/63 E1 of an area of 25.640 square meters situated at Platy location in Aglandjia Municipality in Nicosia.

2. The DECLARATION OF INTEREST must be addressed to the Cyprus Property Development Company Ltd and be submitted through the tender box of the Treasury of the Republic of Cyprus the latest by 01:00 p.m. of 31 August 2020.

3. With the DECLARATION OF INTEREST the following details of the intended purchaser must be submitted:

(ι)      Full name of the person/ company/ organization;

(ii)     Identity card Number/ Company Registration Number/ Organisation registration Number;

(iii)    Full address;

(iv)    The principal activities / business operations of the intended Purchaser;

(v)     Any other details that might be considered necessary;

(vi)    Intended Purchase price.

4.Additional information for the sale of the property can be obtained from the Secretary of the Company, Mr. Stavros Tserkezos tel. 99536750, or/ and from the webpage of the Treasury of the Republic of Cyprus,

5.The Cyprus Property Development Company Limited is not obliged to sell the Property in case of a tender not considered to be to the benefit of the Company.