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04-08-2020 11:14

Applicable measures for passengers coming from each country category

In the context of the strategy applied by the Government for combating and managing the coronavirus pandemic and aiming at protecting Public Health and restricting incoming COVID-19 cases through entry points to the Republic, the Ministry of Health has been implementing country categorisation since May according to the epidemiological risk assessment.

More specifically, European Union countries as well as third countries, in accordance with the recommendations of the European Council, are classified in three categories (low, medium and high risk), with the list being upgraded on a regular basis. Depending on the Category, passengers are obliged to observe specific measures, as follows:

Passengers coming from countries of Category A are not required to present a COVID-19 laboratory test certificate or go into self-isolation. These passengers may undergo a laboratory examination on their arrival in the context of sample testing carried out by the Ministry of Health at the Larnaca and Paphos Airports. In such a case they are obliged to remain in self-isolation until the issue of the result.

Passengers arriving from Category B countries are required to have undertaken a laboratory test 72 hours prior to departure at the latest and present a Certificate showing negative PCR test for the virus.

Cypriot citizens and persons permanently residing in the Republic who arrive from Category B countries, have the choice of undergoing a molecular examination upon their arrival at the airport. The cost of the laboratory test at the airport is €60 and must be borne by the passengers themselves.  It is stressed that such persons are obliged to remain in self-isolation until the result is out.

It should be noted that passengers from Category B countries may submit to a laboratory examination in the framework of the sample testing being carried out by the Ministry of Health at the Airports.

Finally, under the Health Minister’s Decree (No.30), the entry into the Republic from countries included in Category C shall be allowed only to certain categories of citizens, who may opt to undergo a diagnostic test for the COVID-19 disease upon their arrival in Cyprus or carry with them a RT-PCR COVID-19 with negative result at least 72 hours prior to departure. It is stressed that such persons should remain in strict self-isolation for 14 days.

Children aged up to 12 years, regardless of the Category of their country of provenance, are not required to undergo a laboratory examination at the Airports of Cyprus or present a negative test certificate from their country of provenance.