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11-08-2020 12:41

First Shipment of Humanitarian Aid to Lebanon

The first shipment of the aid collected from the campaign in support of the Lebanese people, which is coordinated by the Office of the Commissioner for Volunteerism and Non-Governmental Organizations in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, took place today August 11, 2020. The aid was transferred to the port of Limassol with the contribution of the National Guard and with the help of the Civil Defense.

Around 70 tons of dry food, which have been collected from the contribution of citizens, municipalities, communities, private entities, companies, and  non-governmental organizations, was transported to the port of Limassol.

In addition to dry food items, medical equipment, power generators and other items have been transported.

All the above items have been loaded on the Greek Navy Vessel “IKARIA", which will unload them tomorrow morning in Lebanon.

The items are collected based on the real needs on the ground, and these items are: canned foods (of all kinds), cereals, nuts and crackers, general purpose flour and milk powder for children.

The dry food collection process will be completed on Friday, August 14th