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09-09-2020 17:56

Maximum number of persons at cultural and political events

Following many requests by organized groups and agencies concerning the organizing of cultural and/or political events in outdoor spaces, the Ministry of Health would like to inform the public that the holding of cultural events (theatre, music and dance performances, visual exhibitions, etc.) and of political events (gatherings of party members or voters, etc.) in open-air venues such as squares, is permitted under the mandatory obligation of following the corresponding guidelines which govern the organising of events in open-air amphitheatres. 

It should be stressed that in each case the maximum number of persons who may attend such events should be 350 under the compulsory obligation of being seated. It should at the same time be made clear that the event organizers should place the seats in accordance with the manner specified in the protocol for open-air amphitheatres, maintaining social distancing in between the seats, regardless of the available area in square metres.