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06-10-2020 18:40

Written statement by the Government Spokesman Mr. Kyriakos Koushos

The President and the government of the Republic of Cyprus condemn in the strongest terms the decision of the occupier, Turkey, and of its henchman in the occupied areas, Ersin Tatar, to extend the license for entry to the coastal front of Varosha, during a pre-election fiesta they held in Ankara, in the eve of the electoral process for the emergence of a new Turkish Cypriot leader.

We will protest over this provocative and illegal action on the part of Turkey and of its henchmen in Cyprus to the UN Security Council, the EU and all international fora as an act that violates international law and UN Security Council resolutions and contravenes the latest European Council conclusions.

The issue will be also addressed by the President of Cyprus during the session of the National Council tonight.