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14-10-2020 10:22

Address of the Minister of Defence at the Multinational Exercise «NEMESIS 2020»

Your Excellencies, Ambassadors

Distinguished guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with great pleasure that I salute the Multinational Exercise NEMESIS 2020 which is ongoing today for the seventh consecutive year.

We, the Republic of Cyprus, with high sense of responsibility regarding the international community and having in mind our obligations towards the International Laws, are making every effort for constant upgrading of our procedures dealing with emergency situations such as antiterrorism operations, Search and Rescue, and pollution of marine environment, within our Exclusive Economic Zone.

The success of NEMESIS, a multinational and multiagency exercise, is based primarily on the level of cooperation and coordination among the participants. 

Additionally, the effectiveness of all the agencies involved in the wider field of maritime safety is not an onetime goal to be achieved. Rather, this is a process to be pursued continuously and within that framework lies the importance of this exercise. NEMESIS 2020, like every large-scale exercise, is a great opportunity to identify valuable lessons that will enhance our effort for continuous improvement. I have no doubt that the participants will grasp this opportunity and take their knowledge and experience a step further and at that moment allow me to express my gratitude to Greece, Egypt, France, United Kingdom, United States, State of Israel and Italy for their participation to the exercise with assets and personnel. Your contribution and your constant support is really important for us.

Having in mind, the capabilities and professionalism of all participants, I do believe that the exercise will once again meet its goals at the field and to commend everyone who has been involved from the planning stage of the exercise.

Finally, taking this opportunity, I would like to underline the importance of the utilization of hydrocarbons within the Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone for the future of our people.

We recognize that the utilization of our Exclusive Economic Zone comes not only with benefits but also with responsibilities and I would like to assure you that the Republic of Cyprus is committed to adhere to them. In doing so, we are actively pursuing the maximization of cooperation and coordination of all the involved parties, public and private sector entities, based on the international laws and European Union Directives through initiatives like this particular exercise.

I wish to all the participants a successful and, above all, safe exercise while I hope that their participation will be beneficial.