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22-10-2020 12:36

Presentation of the Corporate Volunteering Guide for the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility actions

The presentation of the publication “Guide to Corporate Volunteering for the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility Actions" took place on Thursday, October 15, 2020, at the Press and Information Office. The publication was presented by Dr Alexandros Antonaras, President of the Cyprus Network for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR Cyprus).

The participants were first welcomed by the Deputy Director of the Press and Information Office, Ms Elego Fragoulidou, and then greeted by the Commissioner of Volunteering and Non-Governmental Organizations, Mr Yiannis Yiannakis. Among other things, the Commissioner stated that “the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility Action plans is necessary in the current environment. In relation to the strategy of sustainable development, the Corporate Volunteering Guide is a very important basis for companies to design a modern CSR strategy framework, based on voluntary participation”.

According to Dr Antonaras, the “Guide to Corporate Volunteering for the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility Actions” was developed, seeking to be a useful tool for all CSR Cyprus member companies, but also for any company wishing to plan a Corporate Social Responsibility Action (CSR), utilizing Corporate Volunteerism. The need to write the Guide emerged after a survey conducted among CSR Cyprus member companies, which showed strong interest in the subject. The reason is that many of the CSR actions implemented by Cypriot companies are based on the voluntary participation of their employees.

The Guide explains the concept of CSR and analyzes the concept of Corporate Volunteering, presenting the benefits that result from such actions, both for the company and the employees, and for society in general. In addition, a detailed presentation of the process of planning a Corporate Volunteer Action Plan is made, while special emphasis is given to the importance of its evaluation. Finally, the Guide presents examples of Corporate Volunteering based on real actions, highlighting the value of this form of volunteering.

It is noted that the Guide was published in collaboration with the Office of the Commissioner for Volunteering and NGOs, while its publication was undertaken by the Press and Information Office.