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21-11-2020 10:40

The Secretary – General of the UN replied to a question about the Cyprus problem by a Turkish journalist

During yesterday’s press conference at the Headquarters of the UN the Secretary-General of the UN, Mr Antonio Guterrez, replied to a question by a Turkish journalist regarding the Cyprus problem. The question and answer was as follows:

Question: Thank you Mr Secretary-General. There is now a new government in “Northern Cyprus” and I’m wondering when you are planning to bring parties and guarantor countries? And recently the Turkish President said, he called for a two state solution for the Cyprus dispute. Your reaction to that, please?

Secretary General: First of all, Jane Lute has started consultations in order to create the conditions to prepare for a new meeting of the so-called 5+1, I meant plus the United Nations, which means the two Cypriot communities and the guarantors, Turkey, Greece and the United Kingdom. And we hope that this meeting would be possible and hope that this meeting will allows to restart the discussions that took place in Crans-Montana and that they need to restart. Obviously in the context of these conversations and in the course of these discussions, each party has the right to take the initiatives that each party wants. Our objective at the present moment is to be able to bring the parties together and to restart where we ended a few months ago.