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23-11-2020 14:23

Management and discharge of confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection by the Personal Doctors

The Ministry of Health informs the public that on the basis of the new revised protocol for the discharge of patients into the community, which has been drawn up in cooperation with the Advisory Scientific Committee, the Personal Doctors of adults and children are designated as responsible for the management of patients who have been diagnosed positive as of 20 November 2020 and onwards as the date of sample taking.

The Personal Doctor, who will be informed directly and simultaneously with the patient about the positive laboratory result, will monitor his patients who are tested positive to the new virus until their discharge; therefore, it is important for the patients themselves to communicate directly with their Personal Doctor. The Epidemiological Monitoring and Control Unit for Infectious Diseases shall continue to have a coordinating and supervisory role in the whole procedure.

The monitoring and discharge of those persons diagnosed as positive, who are not registered with a Personal Doctor, will continue to be carried out by the Epidemiological Monitoring and Control Unit for Infectious Diseases.