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19-01-2021 10:53

Revised procedure for arranging vaccination appointments for COVID-19

Citizens’ interest in vaccination has increased, which is noted with satisfaction, since it is evident that citizens acknowledge the importance of vaccination and the contribution of the vaccine to a gradual return to normality. The great response of citizens exceeds the initial assessment that had emerged from research through a vaccination intention questionnaire – on which the initial programming was based – and that is evidenced by the fact that 10,846 appointments were made during the first three times the Vaccination Portal operated.

Given the fact that the amount of vaccines received at present is low compared to the demand, and in order to ensure the proper management of vaccines while continuing the vaccination coverage of people over the age of 80, the Ministry of Health will proceed with a revision of the procedure for vaccination appointments by introducing a more specific age criterion.

In particular, it plans to divide into subcategories the 80-year-old and over age group every two years, which will apply from the next date of appointment availability. In particular, in the first stage, the Vaccination Portal will be accessible for the arrangement of appointments for persons aged 90 years and older, who have not already been vaccinated and/or have not arranged an appointment. Depending on the interest of people over 90 years of age in arranging appointments, appointments will be made available for the 88-89-year group, then for people aged 86-87, etc, until the population of 80-year-olds and over is covered. It is understood that in addition to the subcategory for which appointments will apply, older persons will also be able to arrange appointments. For example, when appointments are made available for the 88-89-year-old group, those over 90 years of age will also be able to arrange appointments, at the same time.

In addition to a rational management of vaccines, the aim is to ensure transparency of the process and a fair distribution of vaccines, as well as equal access for individuals who fall within this phase of the National Vaccination Plan.

The specific dates and available appointments will be announced to citizens in advance.