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22-02-2021 16:11

As of tomorrow 16,904 vaccination appointments will be made available for people aged 71 and over – The vaccination of the elderly has largely been achieved

According to the design of the National Vaccination Plan for COVID-19 and the hierarchy of the population groups, priority has been given to the vaccination of elderly people from the outset, taking into consideration that it is a sensitive group of citizens with an increased risk of serious illness and hospitalisation. According to data published by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) by 14 February, Cyprus has largely achieved its first target of vaccination coverage of the elderly, ranking 2nd among EU member states, in terms of vaccination of people aged 80 and over.

Within the framework of the Vaccination Plan, as of Saturday, February 20, a total of 58,490 vaccinations were carried out, of which 19,221 concerned individuals who had completed their vaccination by receiving both doses of the vaccine. At the same time, the Ministry of Health continues the vaccination coverage of health professionals, vulnerable groups and the elderly, with the aim of administering the 1st dose to the age group of 70 years and over within the next two weeks.

New appointments for persons aged 71 and over

In accordance with the plan, the Ministry of Health announces that as of tomorrow, February 23, at 9 am, 16,904 vaccination appointments will be available for people aged 71 and over, in all Vaccination Centres in the whole of Cyprus. It is noted that as of Thursday, 25 February, an additional Vaccination Centre will be operating at the Old Electricity Board in Pafos, where up to seven units will be operating simultaneously. Furthermore, as of Friday, 26 February, a Vaccination Centre will be operating at the PASYDY building in Larnaka, where up to seven units will also be operating simultaneously.

To avoid discomfort and overcrowding at the Vaccination Centres and because it has been observed that in some cases citizens arrive much earlier than their scheduled appointment, citizens who will be vaccinated are kindly requested to go to the Vaccination Centres at their scheduled appointment time and not earlier.

At the same time, it is recommended that citizens, who belong to the priority age group for vaccination, arrange an appointment on the first available date and time, in order to ensure a continuous flow in the Vaccination Centres.

It is reminded that depending on the available appointments for individuals over the age of 71, citizens will be informed by means of an announcement on the availability of vaccination appointments for the relevant age groups. Citizens are asked to follow the announcements made by the Ministry of Health in order to remain informed regarding the age group variations and arrange an appointment.