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26-02-2021 08:19

Question on the Cyprus issue during the UN press briefing

During yesterday’s (25.2.21) international press briefing at UN Headquarters, the Spokesperson for the Secretary‑General, Mr Stéphane Dujarric, replied to a question on Cyprus, as follows:

Question: My question is on Cyprus. So, you say work out whether there can be a solution in the foreseeable future. Would you describe this as crunch talks and is the UN, if you don’t get anything this time you are giving up.

Dujarric: We are not in the business of doing ultimatums, if you don’t get, we’ll give up if something doesn’t happen. I mean I think if you look at the even flow of our efforts on Cyprus there have been ups and there have been flows. Ms. Jane Holl Lute has been consulting with the parties. We think this is an opportune time. It’s an informal meeting and we very much hope there will be a positive outcome.