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07-04-2021 18:41

International aeronautical exercise in the sea region south of Cyprus

Cyprus, France, and Greece carried out a routine small-scale exercise at sea, on the 7th of April 2021, in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Alongside with Italy, Cyprus, France, and Greece are committed to support freedom of navigation in international waters and monitor any deviances of the respect of international maritime law.

The three countries deployed in the region south of Cyprus, with FS Auvergne and her organic helicopter CAIMAN MARINE (NH90), HS Navarinon, CNS Ioannides, CY Fast Patrol Boat Thiseas, and two CY AW-139 helicopters, whilst the CY JRCC coordinated the SAR scenario of the exercise.

In the framework of the Quadripartite (Cyprus, France, Greece, and Italy) Initiative (QUAD Cooperation) this joint exercise is another step towards an increased interoperability.