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22-04-2021 16:30

Administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine by Personal Doctors to beneficiaries aged 30 and over

Aiming at the acceleration of the vaccination process and the vaccination coverage of a sufficient percentage of the population, the Ministry of Health has addressed the scientific companies of Personal Doctors, inviting them to express interest in vaccinating their beneficiaries at their medical centres.

Specifically, the Ministry of Health will supply Personal Doctors who will express interest, with the necessary quantity of AstraZeneca vaccines. The vaccines will be administered to beneficiaries aged 30 and over who wish to be vaccinated, according to a schedule prepared by the doctors themselves.

Due to the delivery and storage and conditions required for AstraZeneca, only this specific vaccine will be administered at the medical centres of the Personal Doctors who will express interest.

Until Wednesday 21 April, a total of 224,352 vaccinations were carried out (25.5 doses per 100 inhabitants), of which 165,558 (18.8%) concerned the administration of the 1st dose and 58,794 (6.7%) concerned the administration of both doses.