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08-05-2021 09:40

Conditions applied to vaccinated passengers

The Ministry of Health clarifies that the following shall apply as of 10 May to vaccinated passengers arriving in the Republic of Cyprus from its points of entry:

Passengers holding a valid certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 arriving in Cyprus from abroad, regardless of their nationality and country of departure, shall be exempted from the obligation of laboratory testing and self-isolation/quarantine, subject to the following conditions:

1) They hold a valid certificate of vaccination issued by the following states:

(i) EU Member States (including Cyprus)

(ii) EEA Member States (Island, Lichtenstein, Norway)

(iii) Switzerland

(iv) Israel

(v) United Kingdom

(vi) Russia

(vii) United Arab Emirates

(viii) Saudi Arabia

(ix) Ukraine

(x) Jordan

(xi) Lebanon

(xii) Egypt

(xiii) Belarus

(xiv) Serbia

(xv) Qatar

(xvi) Bahrein

(xvii) United States of America

(xviii) Armenia

(xix) Georgia

(xx) Canada and

(xxi) Kuwait

2) They have been vaccinated either with one of the vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency (Pfizer/BioNTech, AstraZeneca, Moderna, Janssen), or with Sputnik V vaccine and have completed their vaccination scheme. It is noted that for vaccines that are given as 2 doses, passengers should have taken both doses, while for the Janssen vaccine (single dose vaccine) 14 days must elapse between the administration of the vaccine and the date of travel. More information available on:

However, it is noted that all passengers, regardless of the country’s category, including those folding a valid certificate of vaccination are obliged to apply for the CyprusFlightPass 24 hours before the departure of their flight. Moreover, for the protection of public health and the monitoring of the epidemiological situation, passengers of selected flights may undergo a random laboratory molecular testing performed by the Ministry of Health (including passengers holding a certificate of vaccination).