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30-05-2021 18:14

Parliamentary Elections 2021 – Statement by the Chief Returning Officer, Dr Costas Constantinou, on the completion of the voting process

The voting process has ended and ballots have closed at the 1,150 polling stations in the Republic, the ten polling stations abroad, as well as the 16 polling stations which concern the election of the Maronite and Latin Religious Groups’ Representatives.

The sorting and counting of votes now begins, followed by the counting of the crosses of preference, under the supervision of the presiding officers.

As you are aware, the counting of votes will be carried out at the polling stations.

An exception to this are the Central Prisons’ special ballots, which will be transferred so as to be added up to predetermined ballots per electoral constituency, as well as the ballots of the special mobile polling stations for citizens who are COVID-19 cases, which will be merged together, as well as with other predetermined ballots for counting at predetermined locations.

Moreover, the ballots of North London will be added up to two ballots at the High Commission in London.

In a short while, we will announce the final percentage of voter turnout in the Parliamentary Elections of 2021, and soon we expect to have the first results from the small polling stations.

A video of the Chief Returning Officer's statement may be viewed here.

A transcript of the statement in Turkish may be viewed here.