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14-06-2021 13:39

The pandemic will be treated effectively only through vaccination – Appointments available for all people over the age of 18

The vaccination plan against COVID-19 is in progress, aiming to protect the population from the disease, as well as from the mutations of SARS-CoV-2. Despite the fact that the pandemic is in decline at this time, as a result of the responsible cooperation of citizens in complying with the measures implemented in the past and their response to the call for vaccination, the relevant scientific Organizations, in the EU and internationally, warn that the pandemic will be addressed effectively only through vaccinations and call on states to remain alert and accelerate the rate of vaccinations.

In our country, by June 12, 59.3% of the population that can be vaccinated, has received the 1st dose. Also, 40% of the population has completed its vaccination scheme either after the administration of the Johnson&Johnson single-dose vaccine or through the administration of both doses of the AstraZeneca, Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines.

It is recalled that the Vaccination Portal remains open until 5:30 this afternoon for people aged 40 and over. In continuation, priority for scheduling an appointment will be given to beneficiaries as follows:


Priority date at the Vaccination Portal


Tuesday, June 15th, 7:30 in the morning until Thursday, June 17th, 5:30 in the afternoon

18 years and over

Friday, June 18th, 7:30 in the morning

It should be noted that as of Friday, June 18th, when the Vaccination Portal will be available for all people aged 18 and over, it will remain open until the appointments available for vaccination are exhausted in Vaccination Centres operating island-wide. The purpose is to add at regular intervals appointments with the available vaccines that will be received.

All citizens are urged to contribute to the immense project in progress – that is, to vaccinate as much percentage of the population as possible, thus shielding the entire society. Excessive complacency is currently our greatest enemy in our continuous battle against the virus and might reverse the epidemiological picture and bring delay in the safe return to normality.