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18-06-2021 10:37

Minister of Health: It is through vaccination and personal protection measures that we will fight the health crisis

Vaccination has proven to be the only way to fight the health crisis, stated today the Minister of Health, Mr Constantinos Ioannou, urging citizens to proceed with their vaccination, protecting, in this way, their health.

Speaking at a press conference held by the Health Insurance Organization on the occasion of the completion of two years since the implementation of the General Healthcare System, and asked to comment on the fact that, according to the National Report published today, the positive cases have increased among younger ages where the percentage of vaccinations is lower, Mr Ioannou reiterated that the positive cases reflect the vaccination picture in relation to the vaccinations. “The fact that the ages over 40 and especially the ages over 50 have been vaccinated and shielded at a very satisfactory percentage, has substantially reduced positive cases among these ages, and now the positive cases are observed among younger ages and especially in individuals under the age of 30, where the vaccination coverage is lower. The sad thing is that there is less interest regarding the vaccinations among these ages, and in the last few days when the Vaccination Portal was made available for individuals under 40 the interest was reduced, while the vaccination coverage [in those under 40] is already low and we expected more appointments to be arranged”.

The Minister of Health appealed to citizens, especially of younger ages, to proceed with their vaccination, since, as he explained, “it has been proven that, apart from the personal protection measures, the only way out of the health crisis is vaccination. With mutations, the Indian and other mutations, which affect the young ages more and also hospitalizations of the young ages, it is necessary that young ages proceed with their vaccination, because it is the only way to protect their health and the health of their loved ones”.

Finally, asked to comment on his departure from the Ministry of Health and if he knows who his successor will be, the Minister reiterated that he had recently conveyed to the President of the Republic his intention to leave the Ministry and pointed out that the final decisions in relation to his successor will be taken by the President of the Republic.