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14-07-2021 14:49

Deliberations of the POMAK, PSEKA and NEPOMAK Conference are postponed

The deliberations of the World Conference of Overseas Cypriots by the World Federation of Overseas Cypriots (POMAK), the International Coordinating Committee “Justice for Cyprus” (PSEKA) and the Youth of the World Federation of Overseas Cypriots (NEPOMAK) which were scheduled to be held on 3 – 6 August 2021, in Lefkosia, are temporarily postponed.

The unanimous decision of the members of POMAK, PSEKA and NEPOMAK took seriously into account the following:

  • The difficulty for Cypriots of the Diaspora to travel from many countries due to the implementation of the Decrees relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, in their countries of origin.  
  • The burdened epidemiological conditions caused by the new strain of COVID-19 in the last days in many countries abroad, as well as in Cyprus.

The Conference will be rescheduled as soon as the epidemiological conditions allow it.