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02-08-2021 12:05

New publications by the Office of the Law Commissioner

The Office of the Law Commissioner has recently published the following editions:

  • Ο περί Φόρου Προστιθέμενης Αξίας Νόμος του 2000 – (Ενοποίηση) – ΓΕΝ – Ν.38
  • Ο περί Αγωγής και Εκπαίδευσης Παιδιών με Ειδικές Ανάγκες Νόμος του 1999 – (Ενοποίηση) – ΓΕΝ – Ν.41
  • Ο περί Μέτρων και Σταθμών Νόμος του 1974 – (Ενοποίηση) – ΓΕΝ – Ν.44
  • The Retention of Telecommunication Data for the Purpose of Investigation of Serious Criminal Offences Laws of 2007 – (English translation and consolidation) – ΓΕΝ(Α) – L.156
  • The Convention of the Council of Europe on Cybercrime (Ratification) Law of 2004 – (English translation and consolidation) – ΓΕΝ(Α) – L.157
  • The Additional Protocol to the Convention on Cybercrime, concerning the criminalization of acts of a racist and xenophobic nature committed through computer systems (Ratification) Law of 2004 – (English translation) – ΓΕΝ(Α) – L.158