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07-06-2018 20:07

Address by the President of the House of Representatives, Mr Demetris Syllouris, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Cyprus Institute of Marketing

I would first like to convey my sincere congratulations to the Cyprus Institute of Marketing team and especially the founder, my friend Prof. Theo Hadjiyannis, for the amazing achievement of reaching 40 years.

The Cyprus Institute of Marketing was established in 1978 at a time when Cyprus was still struggling to rebuild its economy following the 1974 Turkish Invasion. 40 years later, it’s now the leading Business School in Cyprus and a rising star in Europe. We owe the introduction of Marketing as a science to the Cyprus Institute of Marketing, a development which played a crucial part in the development of the Cyprus economy. We have all benefited, and continue to benefit, from the Cyprus Institute of Marketing’s contribution of excellent business education.

Established business schools like the Cyprus Institute of Marketing bring significant added value to our efforts to take Cyprus forward. They provide innovation and knowledge, and a human force ready to be successful. They showcase what is best about our country.       

In the past 40 years, the Institute has developed into a European centre for the development of business education. It has provided the opportunity to more than 10.000 individuals to acquire prestigious academic and professional qualifications. A true pioneer in education and training, the Cyprus Institute of Marketing offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degrees with affordable fees. It actively supports the upgrading of the Cypriot workforce by offering specialised programmes tailored to the needs of working students and by promoting continuous learning, a concept absolutely vital for our times. And it always looks outwards, to extend its local and international collaborations.

The accomplishments of the Cyprus Institute of Marketing, both in Cyprus and abroad, are very impressive. It has already proved its enormous contribution to the academic community in Cyprus. I am sure, by seeing its success so far, that the Cyprus Institute of Marketing will further strengthen its reputation as Cyprus’ Premier Business School.

Thank you for your attention.