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16-09-2021 14:10

Employment in the Broad Public Sector: 2nd quarter 2021

Total Employment 71.136

Total employment in the Broad Public Sector in the 2nd quarter of 2021 reached 71.136 persons. The employment in General Government was 65.462 and in the Publicly Owned Enterprises and Companies 5.674 persons.

In General Government, which consists of the Government, Non-Profit Organizations and Local Authorities, total employment reached 53.285, 7.973 and 4.204 persons respectively.



The employment in the Broad Public Sector increased by 1.653 persons (2,4%) compared to the same quarter of 2020. The employment in Central Government increased by 1.667 persons (2,8%) and in Local Authorities by 3 persons (0,1%) whereas the employment in Publicly Owned Enterprises and Companies decreased by 17 persons (-0,3%).

Compared to the 1st quarter of 2021, the employment in the Broad Public Sector decreased by 1.317 persons (1,9%). The employment in Central Government increased by 1.140 persons (1,9%) and in Local Authorities by 182 persons (4,5%) whereas in Publicly Owned Enterprises and Companies the employment decreased by 5 persons (-0,1%).




Number of persons

% Change


2ndQuarter 2020

1stQuarter 2021

2nd Quarter 2021

2nd Quarter 

2nd Quarter 2021/
1st Quarter 2021

General Government






Central Government












Non-profit Organizations






Local Authorities












Other Local Authorities






Publicly Owned Enterprises and Companies






Broad Public Sector









The employment in the Broad Public Sector includes employment in General Government Sector and in Publicly Owned Enterprises and Companies. General Government Sector includes Central Government and Local Authorities. Local Authorities include Municipalities and other Local Authorities.

Central Government includes Government and Non-Profit Organizations. Government includes Civil Service, Educational Service, Police Service, Fire Service, Hourly paid workers and Military Personnel. Non-Profit Organizations include School Committees, University of Cyprus, Cyprus University of Technology, Open University, Cyprus Tourism Organization, Cyprus Athletic Organization, Cyprus Theatrical Organization, Youth Organization, Cyprus Institute of Energy, Investment Promotion Foundation, Symphony Orchestra Foundation, Cyprus Cultural Foundation, Cyprus Anti-Drugs Council, Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre, Cyprus Broad Casting Corporation, Cyprus News Agency, Cyprus Agricultural Payment Organization, Cyprus Petroleum Company, Agricultural Insurance Organization, Central Agency of Equal Distribution of Burden, Research Promotion Foundation, Fauna Fund, Human Resource Development Authority, Office of the Commissioner of Electricity Communications and Postal Regulation, Cyprus Radiotelevision Authority, Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority Pancyprian Refugees Union, Cyprus Standard Organization, Cyprus Asset Management Company Limited and State Health Services Organization.

Publicly Owned Enterprises and Companies include: Cyprus Telecommunication Authority, Electricity Authority of Cyprus, Cyprus Port Authority, Sewage Disposal Boards, Water Boards, Grain Commission, Forest Industries, Cyprus Stock Exchange, Home Finance Organization, Cyprus Potato Marketing Board, Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, Cyprus Land Development Corporation, Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber, Precious Metals Engraving Organization, Council for the Registration and Control of Building Contractors, Board for the Registration of the Real Estate Agencies, Council of Commercial Agents, Cyprus Certification Company and Health Insurance Organization.

Collection of data

Data concerning employment in Government is provided by the Treasury and refers to the number of persons that were employed in the reference quarter while for the remaining sectors data is collected via a telephone survey each quarter from the Organizations.

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