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23-09-2021 16:25

Vaccination with the 3rd vaccine dose against COVID-19 for citizens aged 83 and over

Continuing the efforts for the timely protection of the population falling into the vulnerable groups with a booster dose against COVID-19, in view of the winter, as of Monday, 27 September 2021, the Ministry of Health proceeds, with the administration of the 3rd dose to citizens aged 83 and over.

For the vaccination of individuals aged 83 and over, the following Vaccination Centres are operating:


Vaccination Centre


State Fair, Centre B’

Latsia Health Centre


Spyros Kyprianou, Centre B’

Linopetra Health Centre


Port, Centre B’


Pafos General Hospital


Ammochostos General Hospital

It is reminded that all citizens must carry proof of identity (e.g. Identity Card, Passport, Alien Registration Card, etc.), as well as their Vaccination Card. The mRNA vaccines (Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna) will be administered for the booster dose, regardless of the vaccine that was administered during the initial vaccination.

It is clarified that beneficiaries for vaccination with a booster dose at the walk-in centres are citizens who have completed their vaccination scheme (vaccination with the 2nd dose of the vaccine) by March 31, 2021 and fall into the age group that is announced at each stage.

It is clarified that the age limit of the beneficiaries will lower gradually, according to the volume of attendance. Citizens are invited to follow-up on the announcements that will be issued by the Ministry of Health regarding the prioritized age groups.

At the same time, the vaccination with the 3rd dose of health professionals and individuals falling into vulnerable groups who have priority to receive the booster dose continues. In the next few days, the vaccination in nursing homes will be completed.

Regarding the percentage of vaccination coverage, 80.6% of the adult population has been vaccinated with at least the 1st dose and 77.1% has completed their vaccination scheme. In addition, 40.7% of individuals aged 16 and 17 have received the 1st dose and 34.9% have been fully vaccinated. Regarding children aged 12-15, the 1st dose has been administered at a rate of 25.6%, while 17.7% have received the 2nd dose and have completed their vaccination scheme.