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28-09-2021 20:50

Questions on the Cyprus issue during the UN press briefing

During today’s (28.9.2021) international press briefing at UN Headquarters, the Deputy Spokesperson for the Secretary General, Mr Farhan Haq, replied to questions set by the Anatolu correspondent and the OMEGA correspondent, Mr Michalis Ignatiou, as follows:

Question (Anadolu): Thank you Farhan. I have a question on Cyprus. There is always the no common ground, with one side, the Turkish side calling for two states solution and the other side, the Greek Cypriot is strongly opposing it, and both leaders said that, following their meeting with the Secretary General yesterday. We haven’t seen any statement from the SG, what would be the SG’s next step, when does he plan to issue a statement on that meeting?

F. Haq: We do expect a statement later today. We have been considering the discussions that took place yesterday and a statement is in the works and I expect that we will have it out for you later this afternoon.

Question (M. Ignatiou): I have a question on Cyprus. Do you have any readout from the meeting between the SG and the President of Cyprus and Mr Tatar?

F. Haq: I believe we put out a readout of last week’s meeting, a week ago. But if you are thinking of the luncheon that happened yesterday, we expect to have a statement on that issue later this afternoonˮ.